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7 life hacks single women in the 2020s need to know

Life hacks for single women in 2020s

The internet age comes with plenty of baggage. Not only are the 2020s a fast-paced decade, but they’re also a challenging time for single women making way for themselves in modern society. Security is a top concern for those residing in large metropolitan areas. Many avoid traveling alone, so they enlist friends to accompany them whenever possible.

Other subjects that occupy the attention of single women include figuring out how to banish high-interest credit card debt, learning how to protect themselves, practicing safe online socializing, building local connections, saving enough money for the future, keeping stress at bay, and more. Review the following suggestions and see which can make a positive difference in your life as a single woman.

Enhance home security

Fortunately, home security components prices have been decreasing in the past few years. Advances in technology and high competition in the industry are responsible for that bit of good luck. Take advantage of the situation by purchasing some of the most potent security devices available for your home.

Top choices include motion-sensitive alarms, miniature surveillance cameras, perimeter lighting, smart locks, and tiny window alarms. If you’re new to self-protection equipment, consider acquiring an all-in-one pack. Not only will you save money on the bundled components, but you’ll also find it easy to install and set up all the items.

Get a personal loan and retire high-interest cards

One of the most powerful ways to eliminate high-interest balances on credit cards is to take out a personal loan and pay them all off at once. It’s a matter of trading an expensive form of credit or a reasonably priced one. However, reviewing a complete guide on the subject is imperative if you’ve never applied for a loan. Learn what it takes to apply for and gain approval for loans.

Step one is knowing what to expect and solidly understanding the subject. The second part of the process is deciding how to use the funds. Paying down the costliest debts first, including credit cards, makes sense.

Then, move on to other bills and balances with higher than average interest rates. Personal loans are an option for reorganizing finances and getting expenses under control. Always read the fine print, and seek the opinion of a trusted friend or family member if you are unsure.

Learn self-defense for fitness and protection

Gyms and community centers nationwide teach low-cost and free self-defense classes. Most offer attendees a mixture of karate, judo, boxing, and other imported fighting styles ideally suited for countering large, aggressive attackers.

Patience and consistent practice are the secrets to achieving a high degree of skill in a fighting style. Training week after week can get boring, but if you dedicate an average of 30 minutes daily to practice, your skill level will rise rapidly.

Protect online anonymity

Chatting with friends and online pals via social media can be fun, but the practice comes with a few hazards. It’s easy to get comfortable with someone you’ve been conversing with online for several weeks.

However, taking precautions is essential if you’ve never met in person. Never give your real name, phone number, or street address to someone you only know from online interactions.

If you choose to meet, always select a public, safe place like a crowded coffee shop, public park, or restaurant. When arriving for that first meeting, avoid parking far from the entrance. The point is to avoid a long, solo walk from your car to the meeting spot. Always let a trusted third person know where you are going and when you plan to return.

Be savvy about saving

Don’t let your budget get away from you. Young professional women need to practice diligent planning to provide for the future.

Saving is a two-tiered activity. The first part of the process is setting aside a fixed amount of money in an emergency fund. A standard guideline is to calculate your monthly after-tax income and multiply it by three. That’s enough for a traditional emergency fund.

When that’s complete, focus on monthly contributions to a retirement account. For most working women, a sensible guideline is placing a fixed income percentage into the account.

Be careful not to exceed US federal maximums. Stay on top of what this limit is each year, with the limit depending on whether you are over or under age 50.

Avoid traveling alone

The rule about traveling alone applies to any gender. Unless you have no choice, as with an assigned business trip or family emergency, it’s best to find a travel mate among friends with the time and resources to accompany you.

Try to plan vacations with a friend or relative. Another option is to join tour groups or travel clubs that sponsor discounted vacation fares.

If you must go alone, use standard safety techniques to maximize personal security. Use doorknob alarms when staying in motels. The portable devices are inexpensive but emit a high-decibel noise when activated by slight motion.

Ask a hotel staff member to walk you to your room and call a trusted person when you arrive safely and just before you depart for home on the return trip. Text a designated safety pal once or twice daily at designated times to check in and let them know you are okay.

If you do decide to solo camp, check out these safety tips

Reserve anti-stress time each day

The modern age is full of stressful situations. Take the edge off work-based and life-related stress by reserving one hour daily to relieve the built-up pressure. What are the most effective ways to maximize relaxation? Everyone responds differently to various popular techniques.

But a few of the best are focused meditation sessions, silent prayer, walking, stretching, yoga, listening to soothing music, giving yourself a massage, taking a warm bath, and doing tai chi routines. Consider doing the activity at approximately the same time each day for good results. In many cases, the human body responds to regularity and begins to achieve deeper states of relaxation after a week or two of an anti-stress routine.

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