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UTMB unveils pregnancy policy to support women in trail running

UTMB pregnancy policy

It’s a big step forward for women in trail running. UTMB® World Series has strengthened its commitment to championing women runners. How? By introducing a new UTMB pregnancy policy. This inclusive policy comes into effect from the 2023 season onwards.

UTMB World Series pregnancy policy

The policy includes deferral and priority registration guidelines for athletes who fall into one of certain outlined categories.

That is, athletes who are:

  • pregnant
  • whose partner is expecting a baby
  • adopting
  • birthing via surrogacy

Applying to UTMB World Series events in the 2023 season, this new pregnancy policy allows for women who become pregnant after registration to receive a full refund or to defer their entry for up to two to five years for the same race, depending on whether the event has an entry lottery or not. An example of a lottery race is the prestigious UTMB® Mont-Blanc trailing running even.

For those whose partner is pregnant and athletes that are adopting or birthing via surrogacy, the new policy provides the option to defer entry for up to two years or get a refund in full.

Why the new policy? Talking inclusion

The new policy is part of a conscious effort on the part of UTMB World Series organizers to encourage more women to enter and continue in the sport and to build on UTMB Groups ongoing commitment to equal opportunities.

This new pregnancy policy has been created following consultation from sports and medical professionals, the Professional Trail Runners Association (PTRA), as well as SheRaces Founder Sophie Power, who have been consulted for their strong technical and on-field expertise.

This topic has long been on the radar of athlete Sophie Power. She has campaigned for more inclusivity in trail running after finding herself at the heart of the debate in 2018 when a picture of breastfeeding her three-month-old son midway through the UTMB attracted international attention.

In response to the pregnancy policy, she said,

“I‘m delighted that UTMB World Series is launching a world leading pregnancy deferral policy that supports all women to return to racing when they are ready. At SheRACES we look forward to continuing to work with UTMB World Series going forwards, sharing our insights to ensure more women from all backgrounds participate in these iconic events.”

A personal note from Christy B

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Top photo courtesy of UTMB Group

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