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Inci Cooks Turkish: Sharing healthy family recipes, one YouTube video at a time

Inci Jones, Founder Inci Cooks Turkish

Inci Cooks Turkish (formerly Love Starts in the Kitchen) is a wonderful YouTube channel I want to share with you so more people learn about it! Created by and featuring Inci Jones (pictured above), this cooking show showcases healthy family recipes that are budget-friendly too.

Only one month after its launch, there’s already a lot of valuable content. Like this great recipe for jumbo sandwich bread you can make at home:

Inci Cooks Turkish features Inci Jones

Inci Jones and I clicked immediately when we met last year, as we both are enthusiastic about helping women. If her name sounds familiar, it is because she kindly guest posted for Women’s History Month in March with her tribute to Julia Child.

I was excited when she told me she was working on a cooking show. When I asked Inci why she created the cooking channel, she explained,

“I realize that we are living in interesting times. Historically people develop warm friendships and caring homes centered around food and the kitchen. Preparing food has always been a nurturing activity that builds camaraderie and love even in the toughest times.” – Inci Jones

Food really does have an emotional component, as this quote says so well. Bonding over food with loved ones is a beautiful thing.

What to expect from Inci Cooks Turkish on YouTube

This cooking show is exceeding my expectations by providing food that is both healthy and tastes good! Sometimes, you get one or the other; you get the double combo this time.

Here is a great example: Healthy Black Bean Brownies

I had never heard of this type of brownie before watching this video. Inci tested the recipe for two years with her family in her home kitchen. Beans have a lot of fiber and are packed with protein too.

The Inci Cooks Turkish videos feature Inci Jones making family-oriented recipes. These recipes are ones that she makes for her family at home in the beautiful kitchen that you’ll see in her videos.

Creating recipes that you can make on a Saturday or Sunday for the week ahead or enjoy on the weekends with your loved ones is a wonderful purpose. And the recipes are for affordable meals too. If you’re on a budget, you can still make yummy meals that are healthy for your family!

There are also short clips on cooking tips and tools, such as the differences between different woks. The tagline for Love Starts in the Kitchen is “Food, Family & Love”

For the love of cooking Turkish

I want to build up my cooking skills, as I’ve mentioned before, and the recipes at Inci Cooks Turkish can help me do so. They are easy to follow and feature ingredients available at our nearby grocery store.

Inci Jones loves to cook, and it shows! When I asked her what she loves most about cooking, she explained,

“Cooking has always been a calming element in my life. If all else was not going as I hoped, I knew that I could make something in the kitchen that made things right.” – Inci Jones

Home is where the heart is. And cooking in her kitchen is clearly what makes Inci happy.

Are you thinking about what to make tonight? How about spaghetti? Here is Homemade Italian Style Spaghetti Tomato Sauce:

Subscribe to Inci Cooks Turkish

Subscribe to this wonderful cooking show, and you won’t miss a video. Find Inci Cooks Turkish on YouTube.

Do you love cooking? Are you looking for new recipes to try?


Top photo: Meet Inci Jones. Photo used with Inci’s permission.

8 thoughts on “Inci Cooks Turkish: Sharing healthy family recipes, one YouTube video at a time”

  1. This is such a wonderful post introducing us to Inci, Christy. It sounds like she has many unique healthy recipes. I’ve never heard of black bean brownie, and it is so creative. I agree that food has an emotional component. When we take the time to cook and decide on what goes into our food, we nourish ourselves and others too if we are cooking for them. We learn the habits of taking care of ourselves which will benefit us in the long run. For me, I like cooking and do really try to take my time with each meal I cook. Hope you are doing well 😊

    1. Hi Mabel, how wonderful to hear from you! Yes, Inci provides healthy recipes that bring together the family. I am so glad you liked this spotlight and also learned about black bean brownies! It’s nice that you like to cook 💗 I’m well, thank you, and I hope you are too!

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