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Revolutionary AI app can help fix the US healthcare system, explains co-founder

Amy Kelly, Co-Founder of Miri Health App

The US healthcare system is failing, and you only have to look so far as the nightly news to see it. To help the healing of what is obviously a sick system, Amy Kelly co-founded Miri Health, a unique artificial intelligence (AI) app. I asked her what makes the Miri Health App so different, how it can benefit the nation’s broken system, and more, in this interview

Disclosure: This sponsored interview showcases a revolutionary app designed to improve the broken US healthcare system using artificial intelligence.

Interview with Amy Kelly

Amy Kelly is the Co-Founder of Miri Health. Founded in 2022 in San Fran, Miri Health is an app available around the clock, literally at your fingertips. Get access to leading healthcare experts who offer personalized support like never before. Let’s get to my first question for Amy!

What makes the Miri Health App so groundbreaking?

Miri is your one-stop shop to get daily lifestyle changes for a condition you are struggling with, direct from the provider you already know and trust. It is a way for you to turn passive social scrolling of health celebrities into actionable impacts that will generate the health outcomes you are hoping for. We are essentially putting your favorite doctor in the palm of your hand, and you no longer have to be alone in your health journey.

What inspired you to create this healthcare app?

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist. I have first-hand knowledge of how hard it is to be a health provider serving the community with limited hours in a day. As a health provider, you want to help as many people as possible, and yet sometimes, you can’t see everyone who needs help. Miri is developed to help to solve this fundamental problem and offers the best way to scale practice and the ability to serve as many people as possible without getting burnt out.

How does Miri Health solve issues in today’s healthcare system?

In today’s healthcare system, the winners are large institutions that are not getting it right for patients or providers. The system is completely broken. The only way for us to heal as a nation is to find each other outside of the system, to access real help when we need it, and for providers to scale their businesses using the most innovative technology available.

What can users expect from the app?

Imagine your favorite health providers available to you 24/7. You will receive check-ins, updates, trackers for your health, and incredible educational content that will be delivered to you at exactly the moment you need to hear it. The result is lifestyle changes and a feeling of being seen and held by a health practitioner who really gets you and now has the ability to fully support you.

What offerings are available via the app?

Symptom trackers, journals, goals, community encouragement, and connection to the providers you know love and trust.

Excellent. Let’s pivot a bit now. As a woman founder, please provide an example of overcoming a specific challenge

I remember meeting one investor, and as soon as she popped up on Zoom, we both laughed about how refreshing it is to see each other on the screen – a real woman-to-woman conversation in an environment predominantly dominated by men.

I hope that the gender divide in tech gets better soon. To a woman who has an app idea and is unsure what to do next, what would you say?

Talk to those who have walked the walk and get as much advice as possible. There are amazingly kind and smart women out there who are happy to talk to you and help you strategize and share stories.

Yes! Who inspires you, Amy Kelly?

There is a fable about a child who wanders down the beach, saving starfish. Her father asked, “what are you doing? Why are you trying to save all those starfish that are washed up? You can’t make a dent.” The girl turned to her dad with a starfish in her hand and said, “it made a difference to that one before throwing it back into the sea. I am making this app for millions of users who feel stranded, unseen, and broken down by our current system. I am coming to pick you all up!”

More about the Miri Health App

Thank you for taking the time to be here, Amy Kelly. I look forward to following the career of this woman founder.

The Miri Health App is launching in the fall! In the meantime, join the team on Instagram @mirihealth to keep up to date on all things Miri. Be sure to check out the Miri Health website too.


Featured image: Meet Amy Kelly. Photo credit: Miri; used with permission.

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