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How Oprah inspired blogger Fairen to live intentionally

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When I asked blogger Fairen of A Thought’s Journey who inspires her in history, she explained how Oprah Winfrey has impacted her life. Oprah is a talk show host, philanthropist, and author who has had a lot of influence on the world. So, I was curious to learn more. Here is Fairen’s guest post for Women’s History Month.

Guest post from blogger Fairen

“People ask me if I could have lunch with anyone, who would it be? Oprah. I don’t agree with her beliefs or some of the things that she does but career-wise she does everything.” This was found in my journal entry around 8 years ago.

Around this time, I also saw this interview about her life and career. This was the first time that I was exposed to a woman using her intuition to live her life.

“I work at staying awake” – Oprah Winfrey

I was surrounded by people who simply lived their lives based on what they should do. It seemed no one was intentional with their lives, they only did what was “next.” I saw the result of that, women were often unhappy and reached a point of “waking up” where they needed to take drastic measures to get to the point of living again. This included divorces, jobs, or moving which while necessary, often hurt those around them.

Upon seeing this, I decided to live my life intentionally. To live in a way where I wouldn’t wake up and say, “what happened to me?” No one was doing this so it was encouraging to see a woman who decided to live this way.

“What also propels the action is the intention. So, I don’t do anything without being fully clear about why I intend to do it. Because the intention is going to determine the reaction, the result, or the consequence.” – Oprah Winfrey

Even today, many people operate in what is practical and what is seen. They don’t realize that they are missing out on many things they have access to that aren’t seen. What is in your immediate sight isn’t what can come to you.

“I knew in that moment that it was time to go and I started the process of preparing myself for you will not be here long. You are not going to be able to get what you need.” – Oprah Winfrey

When Oprah said this, I was moved.

In my life, I have noticed that when it is time to move, I know ahead of time. I feel it and then I see it. The process of preparing yourself to move is to act is if you were leaving tomorrow. Ask yourself, “If I knew I was leaving tomorrow, what would I do?” Then do it.

“Luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity” – Oprah Winfrey

By preparing for the thing that you are asking to happen, you are putting yourself in a position to receive it. You are able to easily see the opportunities that will give you what you want and are able to accept them when they come.

For me, Oprah was the first person who encouraged me to listen to my intuition and demonstrated how to live life intentionally. She encouraged me to decide what I want and go do it.

Thank you, Christy, for inviting me to Women’s History Month. I look forward to the discussion we will have in the comments!

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During the adventure of the 2020 pandemic, I realized the importance of sourcing my own everyday items. I learned to garden, preserve food, and to make my own health and beauty products.

I learned how to look at my life honestly to uncover what is and what isn’t working, to understand where I want to be, and figure out how to get there.

Whether it be gardening, preserving food, making your own products, business, or just a little bit of life, I offer simple strategies and quality homemade products to help you thrive even if the world falls apart.

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