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A letter of thanks to Harriet Tubman, from KaLena Bowers

KaLena Bowers on Harriet Tubman

Today, March 10th, is Harriet Tubman Day. It is a day to honor the courageous woman who led hundreds of slaves to freedom and left a legacy that will never be forgotten. This guest post is a heartfelt tribute to Harriet Tubman from digital content creator and interviewer KaLena Bowers, shown above.

When I read this piece for the first time, I cried. I am deeply honored that KaLena is guest posting here on this special day and as part of Women’s History Month.

KaLena Bowers’ letter of thanks to Harriet Tubman

When I think of all of the women in history that were the most impactful to me, at the very top of that list is Harriet Tubman. When Christy invited me to share with her my thoughts, I was not only eager to share but, also honored to use this as an opportunity for me to openly pay homage to someone that I deeply respect. I’ve always hoped that I’d be given an opportunity to somehow, thank her and show my gratitude. So, finally Ms. Harriett Tubman, here it goes.

I’ve always, since a child, felt a strong sense of connection to you, I can recall the very first picture that I saw of you. I thought to myself,  “Who is this magnificent human being staring back at me?” There was a strong energy, an attraction, like a magnet, as if I was literally being pulled into the picture with you. I didn’t quite understand that strange feeling, at least not at the time.

I can recall asking my mom and some of my family members, “Who is she?” and “What did she do?” The response that I generally got was something like, “She was a powerful woman that helped to free many slaves, by using the underground railroad.” It would be years later, that I came to discover that you were far much more than that.

Harriet Tubman, not only did you help pioneer a movement, “The Underground Railroad,” that revolutionized the history of the world, but you gave hope, courage, and inspiration to little black, brown, and white children everywhere. I know this to be so because I was one of them.

I had no idea, that my early interest in you and what I learned, would supply my soul with the fuel it needed to face many of life’s hurdles that lie in wait.

Harriet Tubman Day
Harriet Tubman Day is March 10. Photo of the abolitionist, via Canva.

Harriet Tubman, I learned how as a child, you were repeatedly whipped and abused by your slavemaster and even had a metal object thrown at you, hitting you in your head, leaving you with fainting spells, visions, and a strong intuition. Yet, instead of allowing the horrible experiences of your childhood to hinder you, you obviously used them as strength and tenacity instead.

Thank you, Harriet Tubman, for leaving me the blueprint for sheer will and determination. You demonstrated that when you left your family behind, in order to carry out a mission that freed hundreds (reportedly over 300, and 19 trips… some report more) of enslaved black people.

Thank you, Harriet Tubman, for teaching me that it’s possible to have a dream, a task, and a vision so big, that it can frighten those around you, including the very ones that you are predestined to help.

Thank you, Harriet Tubman, for proving that I am capable of making “impossibilities” possible, especially when faced with insurmountable odds.

Thank you for proving that leadership is oftentimes a very lonely journey, but if I have been entrusted with it, then I AM well capable of carrying out the assignment. I AM the woman for the job.

Thank you for being a black WOMAN, and one of the biggest risk-takers in history. Because of you, I now understand that my “why” I’m doing a thing has to be much bigger than my “what” – especially if it involves injustice. Also, that “when God is for you, No One can be against you!”

Harriet Tubman, because of you, I get to read books, travel freely, dance, sing, and write poetry, including this thank you letter. You helped me to see the importance of accurately aligning with great individuals, like Christy Birmingham-Reyes, my white friend, who I call “Sis”…, and that there are no racial barriers in true love.

I will forever honor and say your name, Harriet Tubman.

Sis (Christy), thank you for this amazing opportunity.  I have just fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams.

KaLena Bowers

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Top photo: Meet KaLena Bowers. Photo used with KaLena’s permission.

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  1. A wonderful, heartfelt post. Here’s to strong women like Harriet Tubman who have shown us it can be done. The world needs role modals like her.

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