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I was interviewed LIVE on Instagram!

I was interviewed by KaLena Bowers

It’s not often that I’m on the receiving end of the questions. Usually, I’m the one doing the interview. But the tables were turned today. That’s right, yes, I was the one being interviewed this time!

Interviewed by KaLena Bowers

I was interviewed by KaLena Bowers, who features those who she thinks have the “F” Factor. F is for Fabulous, and I was feeling quite special when she explained that she thought I had the “F” factor and wanted to feature me in a casual interview setting.

Her interviews on Instagram Live are always upbeat and I’ve been impressed by them. So, I said… yes!

We went live earlier today, and it was a lot of fun. She wore head-to-toe pink and had so much energy. It was a great experience! And I’m pleased to share the video of the full interview (half an hour) with you below.

It was my first IG Live interview! We talked about many things, from why I focus on lifting up women here at When Women Inspire to the article writing services I offer. Oh, and we even talked about Versions of the Self. She asked a lot of interesting questions.

If you ever wondered a bit more about the person behind the keyboard, here you go! Just click the link below to get to the full video.

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Instagram Interview: KaLena Bowers interviews Me!

Thank you for your support,

Christy B

33 thoughts on “I was interviewed LIVE on Instagram!”

  1. Just watched your interview. You two had me bouncing around. I’m very quiet and an interview with me would take about 10 seconds. lol
    Fun seeing you and congratulations with all your projects and future projects. :)

  2. Christy girlfriend, OMG, I am so proud of you and congratulations my dear friend. 🥰👏🏼🥳 You did a great job in such a short period of time and that was a “Whew” moment! 🤩 The stars are aligning for you my friend, and you’ve only just begun. Raising my glass and making a toast to your success! 🍹🥂🍷

    1. How about this, let’s toast to the fabulous women that we are, you and I. Cheers to accomplishing the possible and impossible! 🍷🥂🍹 Keep smiling my dear Dimples! 😊💖🥰

    2. Awww, thanks a million Christy. You do so much to lift and inspire us. 🙏🏼 Keep your head up and continue to reach for the stars! I’ll be right there with you! 🌞🌟🌠⭐😘

  3. It was both, a pleasure and an honor to have you at The “F” Factory on today! I/we learned so many new and interesting things about you Christy. It was inspiring and fun! Thank you for your time!

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