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RADIUS review: Sustainable toothbrushes, organic toothpastes & vegan floss

RADIUS products review. Photo by Christy Birmingham-Reyes.

When I interviewed the CEO of RADIUS, Saskia Coleman, last month, I was blown away by the number of eco-friendly oral care products the company offers. They generously gave me several samples, and below are my thoughts on what I tried.

Disclosure: I received samples from RADIUS in return for an honest review

RADIUS Flex Brush (Right Hand and Left Hand)

The Flex Brush really appealed to me as a left-handed person. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to use a pair of scissors or can opener over the years and felt their uselessness as they’re made for righthanded people. But we left-handed folks want to have things designed for our needs, too, please! And RADIUS did that.

I tried the black Left Hand Flex Brush, and my husband used the yellow Right Hand one (pictured below). The first night, we compared notes.

RADIUS Flex Brush (Right Hand, Left Hand) The RADIUS Flex Brush has two designs, based on hand types. Photo taken by Christy Birmingham-Reyes.

The two designs differ in the angle of the handle. The Right Hand Flex Brush angles to the right, while the Left Hand one angles to the left. This angle makes for easier cleaning, given how the dominant hand brushes the mouth.

My hubby said that he liked the great grip on his. The handle is made of flexible recycled rubber, so we both felt good about its eco-friendly design.

He noted that it had a bigger brush head than he was used to, and I agreed. It took us both getting used to it! But the big head is actually a plus as it meant covering more teeth and gum area with seemingly less effort than a traditional toothbrush.

Plus, the vegetable-based nylon bristles were quite soft. So, I didn’t worry about brushing too hard, which I have been told in the past by a hygienist at my dentist’s office that I had been doing.

I like the Left Hand Flex Brush, but it will take me time to adjust to the bigger head on it than the replaceable heads of the electric toothbrush that I’ve been using for several years.

RADIUS Source™ Brush RADIUS Source™ Brush

RADIUS Source™ Brush

What I found the most fascinating about this Source™ Brush was the handle. Each handle model is made from different repurposed materials. Pictured above, the toothbrush I received is handmade with soda pop bottles. Wow!

I looked at the handle in amazement a few times, as it is a nice green with specks of white in it. Those were once plastic bottles! It’s amazing what can be done nowadays.

The handle curves to the side, and the cool part is that you can change whether you curve it to the left or right, depending on how you attach it to the replacement head. The reversible hand design means that I get to have the handle I want as a left-handed person, and I like that!

I like that using the Source™ Brush is an eco-friendly decision I can make each and every day! While I have looked at ways to help the planet in my everyday life, up until a few months ago, I had no idea that could include the oral health products I use daily.

The long head is replaceable, too, so I can swap it out for a new one when it’s no longer functioning at its best. It’s lighter in weight than my usual electric toothbrush, and the bristles feel softer.

I like the RADIUS Source™ Brush more than the Flex Brush for two reasons. I prefer the smoothness of the handle and like that the head isn’t as big.

RADIUS organic toothpastes RADIUS organic toothpastes. Photo by Christy Birmingham-Reyes.

3 types of RADIUS trial-size organic toothpaste

There are several “flavors” of trial-size toothpaste available. My husband tried the Dragon Fruit, while I tried the Matcha Mint and Mint Aloe Neem ones.

Firstly, I didn’t realize the one I gave my hubby to try is designed for kids! I just thought he might like the fun flavor. It is the Kids Travel/Trial-Size USDA Organic Dragon Fruit Toothpaste.

I asked him how it was, and he explained that it was a bit like brushing with jam. He said it was different than anything he’d tried before. It reminded me of when I was at the dentist once and got offered a bubblegum fluoride instead of the usual mint. I remember thinking it was weird to associate fun bubblegum with being at the dentist!

Will hubby continue using it? No, he said, as he prefers mint.

I tried the RADIUS Travel/Trial-Size USDA Organic Mint Aloe Neem Toothpaste. Of the three samples, it is the closest one to the traditional mint toothpaste I usually use.

It is an off-yellow color, which I still haven’t gotten used to, even though I’m almost all done with the small tube. But I like it. The taste is not too different from what I’m used to, and it’s completely free of chemicals, detergents, parabens, and more. It contains organic erythritol to help prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth and keep away plaque.

I also tried the Travel/Trial-Size USDA Organic Matcha Mint Toothpaste from RADIUS. Matcha is popular, so I was happy to have the chance to sample this one. It had a bit of an aftertaste though and a dark yellow color that was a bit off-putting. I liked it the least. But I appreciate it is chemical-free.

The travel sizes are great, and they are TSA-compliant. So, that’s handy if you go on a trip and don’t have much space.

RADIUS Vegan Peppermint Anywhere Floss™ RADIUS Vegan Peppermint Anywhere Floss™. Photo by Christy Bimringham-Reyes

RADIUS Vegan Peppermint Anywhere Floss™

Easily my fave thing of the ones I’m sampling here from RADIUS! Yes, it even beats out the toothbrushes, in my opinion.

The RADIUS Vegan Peppermint Anywhere Floss™, as its name suggests, can go anywhere. Keep some packets in your purse, or even they’re thin enough to go in a wallet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve eaten out over the years and had food stuck in my teeth, as I noticed when I went to the bathroom. If I had this floss with me, it would be so easy to whip out to clean up my mouth.

Simply rip down the individual packet, pull out the floss, and go to it! Easy. The paper packaging is biodegradable.

It has a nice mint flavor, similar to traditional flosses. There are no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or other harmful additives.

It has a spongy consistency and is soft. It easily went around each tooth. The floss actually contains coconut oil to remove bacteria. I want to keep using it!


RADIUS offers a big lineup of sustainable toothbrushes, as well as organic toothpaste, vegan floss, and more. It’s great to see the options available for those who want to make better decisions for the planet.

I found each of the RADIUS products I sampled was high-quality. And I appreciate the choices available to help me in my everyday life make decisions to reduce chemical use, for my body and for the Earth.


Top photo: RADIUS products review. Photo by Christy Birmingham-Reyes.

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