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New fitness plan? How to stay motivated

New fitness plan motivation

The start of the year is traditionally a time for setting goals, which often involve doing more exercise and getting fit. Many people have good intentions, but they find that motivation levels drop after a few weeks or months. If you’re on a mission to embrace a more active lifestyle and make long-term changes, here are some tips to help you stay motivated with your new fitness plan.

Make it fun

The best way to increase motivation levels is to make exercise fun. Vary your workouts and sessions, explore new environments, get friends and family involved, and try different activities. Go hiking, cycling, or kayaking on the weekends, join a dance or spin class, or learn more about local sports teams and clubs.

Take some tennis lessons or learn to play golf. You may fall in love with sports you’ve never played before. You can rent equipment, and if you fancy taking up a new hobby long-term, treat yourself to a new racquet or a bag from sites like The Golf Bag Shop. If you look forward to exercising, it’s much easier to stick to a routine and hit activity targets.

It’s well worth trying a range of activities. Once you know what you enjoy most, tailor your schedule to suit your preferences.

Remember the benefits

Exercise can seem like a lot of hard work, especially if you’re out of breath on a treadmill or you’re desperately trying to muster up the enthusiasm to go for a run on a rainy, cold day. It’s not always easy to follow a new fitness plan to turn fat into muscle or commit to a more active lifestyle, but it does offer incredible advantages.

If you have moments when you’re thinking about throwing the towel in or skipping a workout, always remember those benefits. Moving your body will make you feel great, and it can also reduce stress, help you manage emotions, boost your physical health, and increase your energy levels.

Think about why you want to get fitter in the first place and focus on personal goals. Perhaps you want to be healthier for your kids, or you want to feel more confident, for example.

Set targets

Setting targets is a wonderful way to encourage progression and boost motivation. The key to successful goal-setting is choosing realistic goals and concentrating on individual objectives. Consider short and long-term goals and break down major milestones into smaller stepping stones.

Track your progress and reward yourself when you smash a target. If you’re new to exercise and your first goal is to be more active, consider using an activity tracker. If you have a wearable device, for example, you can start by setting a daily steps target. Increase the number gradually as you get fitter.

A few last words

Many people have started the year with ambitions to get fit and exercise more. If your motivation levels are waning, try the tips above.  Make exercise fun, explore new activities, get friends involved, and more.

Remember the benefits and think about why you wanted to get active. Set ambitious but realistic targets, track your progress, and celebrate successes!

Always check with your doctor before starting a new fitness routine to ensure it is safe for you. 

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