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Your guide to women’s motocross protective gear

Women's motocross gear list

Choosing the right motocross gear for women may seem daunting! Women riders may think about wearing men’s motocross gear, but there is a chance that it won’t fit comfortably. Don’t worry if you’re having trouble finding high-quality yet comfortable motocross protective gear; this post is here to help! Below is a list of the essential women’s motocross gear that offers maximum protection while enhancing your riding experience.

Essential women’s motocross gear:

1. Chest protection

Chest defense is a must! Under the jersey and above are the two different types of chest protection forms.

You will be protected from rocks by both of them. They also offer some protection in the unfortunate event of a crash.

Women-centric chest shields with curved plastic breast lines are available. You can try on different styles and choose an ideal fit.

2. Helmet

Another essential piece of riding equipment that would go off-road is the helmet. Do not use a worn helmet. Why?

The reason is that it might look good from the exterior, but the inner shell may have been damaged due to a drop, crash, or other incidents. All these things could result in the helmet losing its protective gear and original strength. You can consider using a lacrosse helmet wrap.

3. Goggles are essential motocross gear

Taking care of your eyes is equally crucial. Wearing goggles protects your eyes from flying sand when riding in the dunes, grit particles, low-hanging branches, and birds, as well as microscopic particles. There are many different brands, sizes, forms, and designs of riding goggles.

Try on the pair you’re considering while wearing your helmet. That helps ensure they fit within the eye-port because each brand has a unique fit.

4. Boots

When choosing your riding gear, boots are crucial to consider if you want comfortable ankle support. It is an additional security layer, making it an important feature to look for.

In terms of correct sizing, women’s boots fit snugly and comfortably, with enough room for your toes. A good fit is more important than style or looks.

5. Knee and elbow pads

When you start learning to ride, you may tip the bike over more frequently than you’d like, causing your arms, elbows, or knees to make initial contact with the ground. Elbow and knee protection is reasonably priced to prevent unwelcome cuts and bruises.

Since most goods are unisex, women riders can try different sizes. It could be that knee pads for children fit more effectively for some riders.

6. Jerseys, gloves, and pants are motocross gear essentials

The balance of women’s dirt bike clothing is made of materials with specialized uses, such as crash protection and protection from pipe burns, other wounds, and rashes on your legs. Women’s riding pants are designed to fit snugly to the leg.

Women-specific dirt riding gear is now widely available as more women get involved. Women’s jerseys and pants should be cozy and form-fitting and provide all the necessary protection and mobility for top-notch riding.

7. Socks

Socks made specifically for biking are priceless. They are designed to wick moisture away from your skin and won’t cause pressure points in your boots by slipping down and into them.

Make sure you pick a pair of socks that will effectively prevent blisters, tame the shock of the trip, and make you feel at ease when riding the motorcycle. Yes, socks are important!

Concluding words on women’s motocross protective gear

It appears like things are starting to move in the right direction as more women riders are interested in getting their gear fitted. For women riders, there are an increasing number of high-quality options. Enjoy a smooth and secure journey!

Get the right protective gear to keep you safe. The tips above are suggestions only; I am not an expert in this field and am not responsible for any injuries or harm. Safety gear is a personal choice, based on needs and preferences. Wearing safety gear is not something up for negotiation; it is a must!

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