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5 reasons to add dumbbells to your fitness routine

Why add dumbbells?

The dumbbell is arguably the most used piece of exercise and gym equipment (apart from the mirrors), and this article will show ways it’s beneficial to add dumbbells to a fitness routine. Whether you’re using them at the gym or have a set at home, the dumbbell is a useful piece of exercise equipment.  Here are the top five reasons to add dumbbells to your fitness routine.

Always check with your doctor before starting a new fitness routine to ensure it is right for you, given your health history and current medical conditions.

1. They’re small and easy to store

From a practical point of view, dumbbells are one of the smallest pieces of equipment to use to build muscle. They can generally be stored out of the way, and you don’t need an entire gym space. The Mirafit dumbbell racks are a prime example of how simple your dumbbells can be stored even if they can’t be taken apart and stored flat.

2. More versatile than any other gym tools

You can do more with an appropriately weighted set of dumbbells than you can with most other gym gear. From bicep curls to calf raisers, dumbbells can be used to train and exercise the entire body.

They can be used for a range of multi-joint exercises and movements and can be used anywhere (indoors, outside, at the gym). Also, the weights won’t require you to set anything up to get going – simply pick them up and start your chosen exercises.

3. It’s cost-effective to add dumbbells

They don’t cost an arm and a leg, either. You can start with just the bars and the right amount of weight that you need on each and, as such, rationalize the costs.

Only buy heavier weights as and when your exercise routine and increased strength demand it. For the range of exercises and the ability to adjust and change the weight, dumbbells offer a great entry point for many people looking to get into an exercise routine. As explained earlier, though, it’s important to get approval from your GP before starting a new exercise regime.

4. Strength training matters

Dumbbells are the simplest way to add a strength training component to your exercise routine. Strength training is one of the best-accepted means of exercise that will provide the greatest benefits, based on a cost-benefit in terms of time spent on the exercise.

Furthermore, the activity helps keep the muscles and bones in a state of readiness to help prevent injury. Moreover, strength training has been proven to help you live longer.

5. Non-threatening

One of the main reasons why beginners stop their exercise regime is because they feel self-conscious at the gym. Dumbbells aren’t intimidating for most people as they provide one of the simplest forms of exercise.

Make sure, though, that you are doing the movements properly and safely to avoid injury. If unsure, book a session with a personal trainer to get guidance or get a drop-in pass for a local gym where you can ask a trainer for assistance.

Concluding words on adding dumbbells

These are just some of the many reasons to consider adding dumbbells to your exercise routine. They’re also a great example of a fast workout!

If you’re serious about fitness, having the options and choices that dumbbells will provide is great. Once again, ensure your doctor approves the activity before you begin a new workout.

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  1. I got small 2 pound dumbbells. Turns out the real dumbbell is me, as I actually need to pick them up and do the exercises that were taught to me. Okay, starting today. Your post has inspired me!

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