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If only love came with a manual: Jo Warwick provides one with The Big Book of Love

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From maximizing existing relationships, including those with your kids, to attracting new ones, Jo Warwick’s The Big Book of Love – Loving Yourself, Dating With Love, Loving Relationships: Second Edition addresses it all. If building healthy relationships based on love is what you seek, you can look forward to what you find in the newly released second edition of the book. It is bigger and juicier than the first edition. Jo Warwick is a therapist, energy healer, law of attraction coach, and author. She combines these multiple hats to create an instruction manual based on reflections and experiences.

Disclosure: This sponsored post highlights love, big and beautiful love! At a time when so many people around the world are hurting, let’s create and nurture healthy connections.

Interview with author Jo Warwick

I was fortunate to be able to ask Jo questions about releasing the 2nd edition of The Big Book of Love, self-love, the law of attraction, love at first sight, and much more. Let’s get to the interview!

Congratulations on releasing the second edition of The Big Book of Love! What is new in the 2nd edition?

Thank you. I felt I had not explored everything I had wanted to in the first book, especially around self-worth, physical intimacy, and masculine and feminine relationship energy and dynamics, because it was my first book, and I was still discovering my voice.

So the second edition gave me an opportunity to delve deeper into these areas and others and share what I had learned and discovered in my work since the first publication in 2016.

How has your career helped you gain insights into what love is and isn’t?

My therapeutic career is where I really dived deep into the subject and explored both sides working with children up to adults who had experienced abusive and toxic environments and helping them thrive in their own empowerment and with healthy relationships with friends, colleagues, partners, and lovers.

I combined with this my spiritual healing work and years of researching “true love” stories to explore the mystical and magical elements of love.

As a law of attraction coach, what insights can you share about manifesting love?

The #1 Law Of Attraction rule is the Universe is a Mirror. You are always reflected back by what you consistently believe and feel.

If you have negative and love-less beliefs about relationships, gender, sexuality, and other people, this is what is reflected back. However, this is only because you are holding some loveless belief about yourself. Add love and change this, and your outer world will transform to match because you have changed your own filter of what is available for you to experience.

It all begins with the self. So wise! What can readers expect in your book?

A manual to love and healthy relationships. This a guide to look at love and relationships through many angles and shift beliefs and claim it fully for yourself and express it fully in relationships.

It is a playful book and will guide you on many levels if you allow it. I also suggest reading/ listening to it many times, as I always hear people say, “I never saw that before” because, just like love, when you’re ready to receive it, it appears.

Who is the The Big Book of Love (Second Edition) designed for?

Everyone – Young people upwards.

To someone cynical about love, what would you say?

I’m sorry and sad to hear that because love is who you are at your core, and you have simply forgotten. It is not something separate and outside of yourself, and when you learn to accept love for yourself, you will once again allow love to flow and deepen in relationships with others.

I like what you say about accepting love. Jo Warwick, do you believe in love at first sight?

Yes, I do. I also believe in love that deepens and reveals itself over time. It is simply about readiness for love and alignment with the greater love within you so that it can be reflected back to you through others.

Love is everywhere and abundant, and it is available in so many relationships. Love is easy; it is relationships that take time, patience, and growth.

How does self-love lend itself to loving someone else? Is it a prerequisite for a healthy relationship?

You cannot have a healthy relationship without first having learned how to love yourself. It is not about perfection but acceptance and demonstration of love for yourself for being you – unconditionally.

When you do, you become no longer dependent on another to fix you, fill you up and save you. This is too much to ask of another human because it’s an impossible task.

Instead, if you have a healthier relationship with love itself and yourself, it’s like you have something of real value to offer to a relationship with someone else and so won’t settle for less than that in return.

The Big Book of Love (2nd Ed)
New! The Second Edition of The Big Book of Love

Never settle! Where can we get a copy of your book?

The Big Book of Love  – Loving Yourself, Dating With Love, Loving Relationships (Second Edition) is available in Print, Kindle, and Audio through Amazon and other good bookshops.

Find out more at

Takeaway on love, reading, and Jo Warwick’s new book

Thanks again to Jo Warwick for being here today! I wish her all the best with The Big Book of Love and helping others.

When you think of love, you might first think of the emotion, but it makes sense to involve a bit of education to strengthen those relationships. Educating oneself through reading is a great way to do so. Especially with a therapist like Jo Warwick in the writer’s seat.

She provides a great reminder here of the importance of loving oneself. Only by accepting and loving yourself can you create lasting, healthy relationships with others. Cheers to loving love!


Top photo: Meet Jo Warwick, author of The Big Book of Love (Second Edition). Photo used with Jo’s permission.

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