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It’s all in the design: The ultimate accent chair guide

Accent chair choices

Functional, stylish, and the perfect finishing touch to your space, accent chairs have become the ideal item to blur the line between something you need and something you want. They can easily be the missing piece to your design puzzle or that extra added “something” that elevates a room to another level.

But finding and selecting your ideal accent chair can seem like a daunting task. It does not have to be. Whether you are looking for armchairs and occasional chairs, following some simple rules will let you live all your design fantasies.

Accent chair in office
Photo: Francesca Tosolini, Unsplash

Finding the right accent chair: Before you start

If you are slightly unfamiliar with accent chairs or how they are typically utilized in spaces, it might be helpful to gain some background knowledge before making any purchases. They are usually not bought with the intention of acting as seating, as accent chairs are used to create a visual point of contrast within a room while simultaneously tying the design elements in the room together.

At first look, it might feel like they stick out, but when done correctly, they will compliment specific colors and materials around the room to continue the overall theme. The most common materials used for these pieces are upholstery fabrics, like crushed velvet, metal, and various types of wood like mahogany and bamboo.

Where to place them

These chairs can be placed nearly anywhere in a room, from filling awkward corner spaces to creating a room division in an open-plan area. While the end choice is ultimately yours, some pairings are more common than others, like an armchair next to a bookshelf or a loveseat in a bay window.

Use the total space available to decide if you can comfortably fit two chairs or if you should just stick to one. It is not worth cluttering your area or making it too cramped just to include an additional piece.

Picking colors

If you want to match your chair to your current interior, you need to start by assessing what colors are present and which ones often reoccur. Then, it is best to pick a secondary color that frequently appears in accessories around the room.

Matching a color already existing, your accent chair will make a bold statement without looking out of place. The more the color contrasts, the more your chair will stand out. If you want to avoid the bold color, instead look for something made with interesting materials or in a unique shape.

Picking styles of accent chair

There are so many great styles of seats to consider! The right one for your home or business space will depend on many factors, from what best fits the room’s overall design to what you prefer. The top choices are:

1. Armchair

If your decorative chair has arms, it is both an armchair and an accent chair. The traditional armchair is typically made in the same fabric and color as the existing couch, as the intention is for all the furniture to match.

An accent armchair is made from contrasting materials and colors, as its intended purpose is to stand out from the furniture you already own.

2. Slipper chair

Chairs that do not have arms are known as slipper chairs. They traditionally have short legs and sit quite close to the ground. They are a fantastic choice for bedrooms and small living spaces as they take up little room but can still be impactful as a standout piece.

Two blue wingback chairs
Photo via LeeAnn Cline, Unsplash

3. Wingback

A wingback chair has a high, solid back and winged sides and usually comes with wooden legs. They were first developed in the 17th century, but thanks to their sleek and elegant style, these types of chairs have remained extremely popular throughout the years.

A pair of matching wingbacks to offset a couch in the living room gives them a place to shine with maximum effect.

4. Chaise lounge: Another popular accent chair

Like wingbacks, the chaise lounge can date its invention to several centuries ago. Known for being a piece you can lie on and put your feet up, they are most commonly found in bedrooms, slotting in wonderfully at the end of the bed.

However, thanks to these items’ chic and sophisticated designs, they are being used more and more in modern living rooms and lounges. You can buy them padded and upholstered or made of wood with the freedom to select your own cushions and coverings.

5. Ottoman

An ottoman is a very versatile statement piece as it can serve many functions around the home. For example, you can use it as additional seating, storage space, a footstool, or an alternative to a coffee table.

Because of this versatility, they are generally found in the living room, but people often choose to keep them in playrooms and bedrooms. Additionally, the more common way of buying an ottoman is to purchase one that matches the color and design of your main couch. But if you want to add some drama to a room, opting for contrasting colors and shapes can make a big statement.

Accent tub chair & laptop

6. Tub chair

A tub chair, also often referred to as a bucket chair, is large and rounded, with a semicircular back and no separate arms. The back is typically low and curves for both style and comfort.

This design has been developed as a modern take on the traditional armchair, making it a fabulous chair for any room with a contemporary interior and feel.

Concluding words on choosing a great accent chair

 This piece both completes the room and adds functionality to it. A great chair can fill a corner, add dimension, and liven up a living room with a pop of color. From the tub chair to the wingback, there are many great choices! Which one would you pick?

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