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How to help your child enjoy school and learning

Help your child enjoy school

Every parent wants their child to enjoy learning and attending school. However, it’s common for youngsters to have negative views of both, at least part of the time. Fortunately, there are strategies for parents to encourage their children to have a healthy relationship with the school. From doing their homework with them to making sure they attend a school suited for them, like Eva Carlston Academy, there are many ways for parents to help children enjoy school more.

The school experience

Teachers are typically able to tell when a student enjoys school. Students that enjoy school give off clear signs of it. They are at ease discussing their thoughts, queries, difficulties, and areas of interest. But what happens when students go into a classroom and decide they simply don’t enjoy learning?

Many children enter the building, and their guard is already up if they dislike school. It says, “I don’t like this,” and “I don’t care what you think.”

Children are more likely to have unfavorable school experiences as they age, especially with poor reading fluency. However, there are practical methods that parents can intentionally teach their children to enjoy school even when it’s challenging.

To help your child enjoy school more, make learning fun

The good news is that children learn incredibly well. Children’s eagerness to study is a delight to observe when engaged in a subject and a secure setting. Their brains are wired to detect novelty in their surroundings and focus attention there.

Children take cues from those around them and are very easy to inspire. They will become excited if you show signs of excitement. Kids are immediately drawn in when you add a little mystery and intrigue.

Get involved

Your involvement as a parent in your child’s academic life is essential to their dedication to their work. Together, complete the assignments and let them know you’re here if they have any questions.

Make it a habit of questioning them about what they learned in class and generally including them in academic activities. You may show your child that school can be fascinating by expressing an interest in their academic life.

This works especially well with small children who tend to share your enthusiasm for whatever it is you are passionate about. Make sure you are also discussing the specifics of your day with teens. Teenagers can become defensive if they feel you probe them too much.

Utilize support so your child enjoys school more

Giving kids physical rewards for outstanding work can become a slippery slope. However, there are ways to employ extrinsic motivation that your child will eventually absorb.

Children respond favorably to social reinforcers like compliments, hugs, high-fives, and gestures. After that, individuals start to achieve because it makes them feel good.

Reward effort instead of results

You want to convey that you value labor-intensive tasks. Praise for perseverance in the face of adversity, prolonged effort, and doing things they’re unsure they can do well.

All this may teach children the joy of pushing themselves. Kids who receive praise for getting good marks without working hard may feel they shouldn’t have to.

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