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Getting your child ready for the new school year

Ready for new school year

Once you’ve decided which school your child will attend, it’s time to think about the next step. That is, them starting at school. The new school year begins soon and will be a big deal for the whole family. There’s a lot to do to prepare for that important first day, including ensuring your kids have everything on the school supplies list, buying them new clothes, and setting a back-to-school sleep routine. Here are five fun ways to get your kids ready for the new school year.

Set up a craft party for back-to-school

Most kids like arts and crafts because these activities let them express their creativity. Let your imagination run wild and see what cool things you can make together. You and your family can have a creative celebration by doing simple things like making a personalized pencil organizer for their room or a meaningful gift box for a teacher.

Set goals for the school year as a group

Starting a new school year is a big step, so think about how it will affect your child and what they hope to achieve in the coming months. If your kids have any worries or fears, now is a great time to talk about them. Also, discuss what you expect from them and, more importantly, their goals for the next school year to prepare them for the first day.

Create a new dish for lunch

Bring out the lunchboxes because this year is going to be different. Even though most kids like routines, some may want something different, and meals are no exception. You can spend the afternoon with your family trying out new lunchbox recipes. Maybe give an old favorite a new twist?

Have a back-to-school present ready

Send the “back-to-school fairy” to those little geniuses the night before the first day of school to give them something special to mark the start of a new year. The gift could be anything from encouraging notes to a video game they’ve wanted. This could include using tools like an ABC mouse.

Put together a time capsule

You and your family can spend a day together making a time capsule to honor the present. Fill a box or plastic container with things your child likes and has an interest in right now. Then bury the capsule and return to it next fall or in a longer stretch of time to look at how their hobbies and tastes have changed.

Remember that the whole family needs to know how to celebrate the beginning of the year with kids. It prepares your young students for what’s to come and lets you get in the habit of being proud of your kids’ academic achievements.

A few last words on getting ready for a new school year

The above ideas can help your kids get excited about returning to school. What are some other things to do to prepare them for the start of a new year? Please share your suggestions in the comments section below.

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