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3 female cyclists who will inspire you to ride

Inspiring female cyclists

Whether it’s cycling professionals, renowned cycling athletes, or everyday commuters, cycling is one of the most popular sports around the world. The competitive world of cycling is without a doubt one of the most fast-paced and intense sports there is, and women have made their mark over the years by showing incredible skill and determination in their craft. Here are 3 amazing female cyclists that’ll inspire your next cycling adventure – and get you back on two wheels.

An introduction to cycling

Wherever you look, cycling is everywhere. It’s not just a great way to get around, but this sport also has a wealth of benefits for both your mental and physical health.

Many people pinpoint an increase in the interest in cycling to the COVID-19 pandemic. The fear of getting on public transport and the surge in people doing exercise to stay healthy during lockdown led to The Great Bicycle Boom of 2020.

But even before the pandemic, cycling was well-loved across the generations – especially competitive cycling featured in The Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. Female cyclists have shown their sheer strength and determination in these professional competitions by winning countless medals. This year’s Commonwealth Games saw Laura Kenny win gold for England in the 10km scratch race.

A slower way to travel

Unlike traveling by train or car, traveling on two wheels can slow down the pace of your journey and help you experience the world around you like you couldn’t have before. So many people favor this slower way of travel that they’re dedicating their vacations to the sport; cycling holidays and cycling tours are great ways to truly experience a new city or country. 

It’s also eco-friendly. You won’t be putting fumes into the environment while traveling by car as you’re peddling instead. Plus, as already mentioned, it’s a great way to stay fit!

Three female cyclists changing the game:

Do you want to be inspired to get pedaling again? Keep reading to discover three famous female cyclists who changed the history of sports forever – guaranteed to get you back on two wheels.

1. Marianne Vos

A two-time Olympic gold medalist, Marianne Vos is one of the most accomplished female cyclists in the world. Other accolades Vos has won include (but certainly aren’t limited to): seven-time winner of the World Cyclocross Championship, three-time winner of the World Championship Road Race, and five-time winner of the UCI Women’s Road World Cup.

2. Beryl Burton is another great female cyclist

During the 30-year career of Beryl Burton, she claimed 96 national titles in England. As well as winning 25 consecutive time trial championships and seven world championships in the 1950s and 1960s, Burton was a wife and mother – she did it all!

3. Jenny Graham

When she broke the women’s around-the-world cycling record, Jenny Graham gained international recognition. Crossing the globe self-supported in just 124 days, Graham departed from Berlin on 16th June 2018 before riding across fifteen countries and four continents. Graham spent 18,413 miles on the road – and on her two wheels.

Female cyclists, inspo, and you

While cycling remains one of the most popular sports worldwide for all, women have particularly been notable for smashing through the trophies. So the next time you need to be inspired to get back on your bike, let these three female cyclists show you the way forward.

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