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7 ways to be safe on a night out

Safe night out tips

It’s exciting getting your friends together and going out for a fun night on the town. Being able to take everybody that you love to one place to dance and have fun is a way to bond and create memories that last a lifetime. It’s important, however, that you are all as safe as possible when enjoying your night out. Feeling happy, healthy, and looking out for one another no matter what is what being safe on a night out. It’s about more than catching a taxi at the end of a long, fun evening.

The next morning after a night out, you want to be able to reminisce on the good times while trying out the new hangover cure you’ve heard about. Nobody wants to be in a situation where they are panicked because they forgot half a night out or woken up in a strange place with no memory of how they got there. Below are seven ways to be as safe as possible on an evening out.

1. Be safe by going out for the night in a group

Everybody feels safer when other people surround them. If you are with people you trust, you’ll be much more likely to get home safe.

Of course, you don’t have to be glued to one another the whole time but never leave without everybody in your group. Everybody should go together even if somebody says they want to go home alone.

2. Make sure you can communicate

Also, ensure everyone has a charged phone before they leave to go out to a club. If one of you has less than 50% charge on your mobile phones, all congregate at one person’s house so that you can charge them properly before you go.

The last thing you need is for an emergency to arise and you cannot contact each other. So, have a fully charged phone before going out.

3. Plan for the morning

The morning after is when many people wake up hungover and unable to move. There may be some others in the group who can manage to have a great time on the town without a hangover but make sure you pre-plan for your future self. Have water bottles with headache tablets, salted chips, and any other hangover cures you’ve ever heard of.

4. To be safe on a night out, carry cash

Everybody uses a credit card to carry as little as possible on a night out. But make sure that you have cash on you at all times.

Even if you put it in your bra under your dress, having cash on you means that if you get into difficulties, you can get yourself out of a situation. That’ll help if you need a ride or a phone call in the middle of the night.

5. Watch your drink

Never leave your drink unattended. You should never give your drink to anybody or take a drink from anybody besides the bartender you don’t know. If you want to go outside for fresh air, take your drink. If you want to hit the dancefloor, take your drink!

The only other place to put your drinks is with your friends at all times. They will be able to find it for you and ensure that nobody slips anything into it that could potentially be dangerous or harm you in any way. You must be safe on the outing, and your drink is vulnerable.

6. Pre-arrange a ride home

If you’re going to be drinking and can’t drive, ensure you have a ride home before you go. Whether you pre-book a taxi to collect you from the venue at a certain time or one of your friends is driving sober, make sure there is a way to get home.

It doesn’t involve you trying to get on public transport while inebriated. Never walk home alone at the end of a long night, even if you think you’ll manage. Alcohol can give you a false sense of confidence and bravado.

7. Being safe on a night out: Stick with who you know

This means to hang with those you know well. This is a tip that doesn’t need expansion. Just stick to who you know for a safer experience.

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