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Top 5 easy ways to deal with anxiety and stress

Deal with anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress are often used interchangeably, but they’re not the same. Anxiety is more closely related to worrying – it may or may not be unprovoked – while stress is more likely from work and has slightly different symptoms of fatigue and potentially anger. Some symptoms overlap, but the causes can be quite different. Fortunately, the remedies to treat them both are similar. Here are five straightforward ways to deal with stress and anxiety.

1. Manage anxiety and stress through communication

If you’re anxious, keeping it to yourself doesn’t help. As with stress, a problem shared is a problem halved, and you can start to feel better by speaking with those you trust. Many people do not have someone they trust to speak to or believe a problem shared would be a problem doubled.

In this case, a professional therapist would be a great option. They can help get to the roots of your problems and teach you exactly what anxiety and stress are and what causes them.

Nowadays, many people don’t want to go to traditional therapy. Instead, many want anxiety online tips or online help. It could be that in-person therapy is too expensive, they haven’t got the time, or they’re too anxious to go.

One solution here is to get online therapy. They’re equally qualified, and they communicate therapy sessions through text, video call, or another online method. A full list of online therapy platforms can be found online, many with promotions and discounts.

2. Monitor your well-being

To tackle mental health issues, you must become more familiar with your psychological well-being. Monitoring yourself can be an easy way to deal with anxiety, either by keeping a journal or by using a mental health app that checks in on you every day.

These methods will help you become more aware of what situations cause stress or trigger your anxiety. Learn how to avoid them or deal with them before you spiral mentally.

Other than highlighting triggers, you can see patterns over time. Hopefully, this pattern will highlight your progress in de-stressing and dealing with anxiety, and it will be written down so you have a clearer idea of if you’re improving.

Journaling isn’t something that can go wrong. But, you may get even more out of it when coupled with online therapy, as they can give pointers on how to focus when writing. Of course, you can just write down your feelings that day in a freehand style, but asking yourself the right questions can be even more effective. These writing prompts from a psychotherapist can help you cope with anxiety.

3. Healthy lifestyle

Looking after yourself is vital, but it’s quite broad. Most importantly, it means eating and sleeping well and exercising regularly.

For those who are stressed, nothing helps de-stress like a difficult workout or long run. It gets the endorphins going and clears the mind. The same goes for anxiety, as there is such a thing as running off your nervous energy.

Stress and anxiety can negatively impact sleep, and poor sleep can negatively impact stress and anxiety. This should be a focus to nail down a good routine (i.e., cut out electronics before sleep).

Finally, eating poorly and indulging in drinks and drugs can physiologically cause irritability, stress, and anxiety. So, switching to a cleaner diet can make a difference, not to mention the mental benefits of treating yourself better.

4. Weekend break to deal with stress and anxiety

Most folks don’t work seven days a week, and many are entitled to some paid holiday days each year. During this free time, as difficult as it is, focus on making the most of it. This could be by getting active doing a hobby you enjoy, or it might be well spent with some downtime focusing on de-stressing.

For example, leaving your environment to go fishing or camping is a great way to shut out the world for a day or two. It can help you unwind, clear your thoughts, and catch your breath after a difficult work week.

5. Cut down on technology

Technology is not all bad, but it stands in the way sometimes of basic human needs like sleep and rest.

It will depend on the root of your anxiety, but sometimes social media makes things worse. An easy way to deal with anxiety is by cutting out the pseudo-celebrity live updates of your distant friends – at least in the evenings or on weekends.

Technology and even social media can be great tools. But be careful not to become reliant on it. If you find yourself going to grab your phone every second you have to spare, it may be a habit that’s increasing your stress levels.

Fortunately, cutting down on tech is easy. Just download an app or go into settings to limit the times you can open certain apps. Or throw the device at night in a drawer until morning.

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  1. Agree about cutting back on technology. Bake a pie! Wait until you see the love a homemade pie brings to you, from those who eat it. Can’t get that on line.

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