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Top ways to take control of your health

Take control of your health

By now, you know that you must prioritize your health. Your health impacts many other areas of life, from fitness level to your ability to keep up at work. However, many people do not prioritize health, with 64% of American adults saying they are too busy to do so. This has to change. With that in mind, here are four ways to take control of your health.

Control your health: Find a fitness activity you love

Participating in regular fitness activities contributes significantly to your health. For example, it can improve your cardiovascular health and endurance levels or help you to build muscle and stay in shape. It can also be a great outlet for stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions.

However, for many people, exercise can feel like a chore. That is often because they haven’t found an activity they truly enjoy, which makes it harder to motivate themselves to do it regularly.

As such, you should make finding a fun activity a priority. Try different classes or activities until you find the right fit and start moving!

Don’t sweep problems under the rug

According to a recent study, almost 1/3 of adults avoid going to the doctor, even if they know they need treatment. There are various reasons why. For example, they may be in denial and want to avoid the problem or worry about healthcare costs. However, you must seek medical help as and when you need it.

The longer you avoid addressing an issue, the more time you give it to develop into something more serious. If you can’t squeeze a regular GP appointment into your schedule, book an online dr appointment.

Use nutritional and herbal supplements

One of the keys to being healthy is to eat the right food. The food you eat provides all the building blocks your body needs to restore itself and function properly, including nutrients. However, sometimes your diet needs a helping hand.

This is where nutritional and herbal supplements come into play. Multivitamins can make sure that you get all of your essential nutrients, but you can also find some more targeted supplements to help specific problems.

For example, melanin and valerian root have been found to improve sleep quality, and many herbs can help you to relax. Specialized formulas like PCOS supplements can help treat health problems, but you should always talk to your doctor if supplementing your treatment.

Take control of your mental health too

Much of the discourse surrounding following a healthy lifestyle focuses on upping your physical health. However, that’s not to say that caring for your mental health is not equally important.

Many of those with mental illnesses are more predisposed to physical sickness, and dealing with one health complaint can quickly lead to another. As a result, it’s time to start caring for your mental health now. Treat yourself with grace and kindness when you’re having a bad day.

If you feel able, speak to close friends or family. While they might not be able to solve everything, sometimes simply having someone close by to listen can make a world of difference. Alternatively, you may want to reach out to a therapist.

Finally, try to get more Z’s

Knowing how to improve the quality of your sleep can also do wonders for your health. That is because when asleep, your body works to repair itself and releases various health-boosting hormones.

Therefore, as a general rule, the more sleep you get, the better you will feel. A night of good sleep is also associated with enhanced mood, reduced stress, and better work performance.

Ideally, aim to get around 7-9 hours of sleep per night. If you struggle to reach this goal, consider adjusting your nighttime routine and heading to bed a little earlier. Your body and mind will thank you!

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