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5 reasons to choose an electric scooter over a car

Electric scooters benefits

If you use a car to commute to and from work, you likely know the frustrating experience of traffic jams all too well. From getting out of bed early to avoid busy roads to being home late from the office because of an accident, there are many challenges as a vehicle driver. And don’t even get me started on the tailpipe emissions that are contributing to climate change. In comparison, there are many benefits of choosing an electric scooter over a car. Making the switch could be right for you.

5 electric scooter benefits

If you look around the local town or city, you will likely notice that a lot more electric scooters on the road, and many people are now using them as their main transportation. These scooter users would probably describe the commute to work as being straightforward and less stressful than before as an automobile driver.

This situation sounds great, right? If you’re still sitting on the fence when it comes to whether to buy an electric scooter or not, then check out the top five benefits of doing so on the list below. This info might just help you make the decision to switch from a car to a motorized scooter.

1. More sustainable

You are always saying that you want to do your bit for the environment, and yet you keep taking your car to work. It’s bad enough that you’re driving it to the office, but when you’re sitting in traffic and the engine is running then you are adding a range of gasses to the air, including carbon dioxide (CO2).

That’s pollution, and as harsh as it sounds you’re a contributor to it by driving a car. Starting to ride your electric scooter to work (and elsewhere) instead can drastically reduce your carbon footprint, and the following generations will thank you for it. These scooters also have less impact on the road, potentially making for fewer road repairs every year.

2. Electric scooters save money

In the current climate, fuel is incredibly expensive, and there is motor vehicle insurance to think about on top of that. In comparison, riding an electric scooter is a much more affordable option.

Not only are they cheaper to buy in the first place than an automobile, but there is also very little maintenance required over the lifetime. You don’t have to look for a parking space for your scooter either if you get a foldable one. Simply fold the model down, pick it up, and take it into the office with you.

3. Save time

Having to get up every morning before you actually need to means that you’re getting less sleep, which can make you tired and so you less productive on the job. By taking your e-scooter to the office every day, you will easily get where you need to be in the city.

That saves you valuable time, which makes for a shorter workday overall than if you’re stuck in traffic in the car. Use that extra time to connect with family or friends, or for self-care.

4. Electric scooter vs car: Less maintenance

The e-scooter has fewer moving parts than an automobile. So, it requires less attention when it comes to making sure that all is running properly.

A car needs servicing every 5-10,000 miles or so, which costs you a significant amount of money each time, depending on how far you commute each day. In the unlikely event that your electric scooter breaks down, it’s likely that the warranty will cover at least part of it so you won’t have to be out of pocket for everything.

5. Convenient

Electric scooters are a lot faster than you would think, getting you to the office in almost no time at all. Most of the traffic within city limits is crawling along anyway and so it’s likely that your electric scooter will be moving at a much faster pace than the cars around you.

It is also incredibly convenient because you really don’t need to find a parking facility with parking space for it. That’s going to save you a lot of time as well.

Electric scooter conclusion

The list above shows only five reasons why purchasing an electric scooter is a sound financial choice, and there are several more benefits. If you want to do your bit for the environment while getting yourself to work on time so that you can get that promotion, then this mode of transport is one to seriously consider. It can also save you money and is convenient.

Would you consider switching from a car to an e-scooter for the work commute? Why or why not?

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