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2 ways adolescents today struggle and how to help

Adolescents today struggle

Throughout history, there have always been societal issues. It is not a new phenomenon, and it will not go away anytime soon. However, what has changed are the ways in which we help to tackle and deal with the problems. Many adolescents today are suffering and in desperate need of help. Some of them have developed addictions.

Often, suffering can stem from a place of trauma. Any incident that occurs throughout our young lives that leaves an impacting scar on us, either mentally or physically, can have the effect of changing how we perceive the world, and ourselves. It is a serious matter that has real, life-changing impacts on the person it is inflicted on. Therefore, this article is here to shine some light on this topic. We will discuss some of the ways that adolescents are suffering today and how we can begin to tackle the problem to offer them some help.

1. Addiction problems

One of the main ways in which adolescents are suffering today is through addiction. It could be they are addicted to alcohol or drugs.

This use may come from a place where the adolescents had abusive parents, parents who were addicts themselves, or something else completely. Usually, there is a connection between their usage and their past.

Obviously, this issue can be extremely harmful and dangerous to the youth if left untreated. Some parents may not know how to approach the problem and will scream and shout at the adolescent.

This approach is not going to help the matter in the slightest, though. In fact, it will often make matters worse. The youth will likely feel even more alienated than before and grow even more distant. The result could be using more. Therefore, professional help is usually necessary.

  • Seek professional help

Sometimes, matters are better left in the hands of professionals. That’s often true with addiction.

A professional can help an adolescent struggling with addiction in ways that you cannot as a parent. While you want to be part of the process, to help and to see your loved one gets better, it is important to realize that they will have more chance of getting better if the professionals take charge of rehabilitation.

Also, a lot of the time, an adolescent will develop a unique relationship with the professional in comparison to the loving relationship that they have with you. This is important as the dynamic of the relationship will have an impact. If this is something relevant to your child, check out alcohol rehab for teenagers. There are many programs available.

2. Mental health issues

The rise of social media has brought an increase in mental health problems among young people, and there are many reasons for this. There is now a certain standard that young people are constantly trying to live up to. They are confronted with these idealistic lives on social media, which they have constant access to through their phone. There is seemingly no escape.

Social media, including the number of followers and likes, play an important role in many teens’ lives. It’s crazy when you stop to think of it.

A teen can see something on social media and instantly start to compare themselves to that person. This might be their favorite singer or actor, or it could be a classmate in school.

Social media allows people to depict their life in a certain way. Most of the time, this depiction is not real. It only seems real from the outside. If you have a teen struggling with mental health, here are some ways in which you can help.

  • Try to reduce screen time and educate

Try to get your youth off their phones for at least part of the day. Get them to go outside, explore, and pick up a new activity.

Getting away from the pull of social media can be tough in the beginning for your child. It is a type of addiction, really.

But, once they are away from it, they can get to know themselves better. This can be liberating, and it has serious benefits for the mind. By increasing physical activity and reducing screen time, your teen may start to feel better and develop a stronger sense of well-being.

From there, they may increase self-confidence and even get better grades. Not to mention enjoying more sleep rather than playing on their phones until the early morning hours.

It’s also important to talk to your kids about mental health to help reduce the stigma. Anxiety and depression are realities, and ignoring them will only make the problem worse.

A few last words on the challenges of adolescents today

These are only two ways in which adolescents suffer today. Other issues include bullying, sex at a young age, teen pregnancy, smoking, and peer pressure.

Recovery is a long road, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. For more information on health resources available in the US, check out these government services.

6 thoughts on “2 ways adolescents today struggle and how to help”

  1. HI Christy, modern teens definitely have it much worse than we did at the same age. Another issue with social media is that they know so much. They know about all the political and social issues of every country as well as about things like climate change and it makes them fearful. It is virtually impossible to protect them from all of these things, the only thing you can really do is discuss them with your kids and try to help them get some perspective on such things.

    1. You’re right that it’s very difficult to protect them completely – and doing so would not necessarily be the best approach either as then they would not have strong coping skills as adults. As you say, communication is so important.

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