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5 swimwear options that are not a bikini

Not a bikini

Not a bikini fan? Then this list is for you!

As the summer weather approaches and people begin planning their beach vacations and pool parties, it’s also time to start thinking about what to wear there. The idea of stripping down into a skimpy two-piece may isn’t for everyone. But what are the alternatives to a bikini?

Thankfully, swimwear can be both fashionable and flattering in a variety of different styles and combinations. Whether you are looking for more modest pieces such as those offered by Dainty Jewells or would simply like to try a new look, this article offers alternative swimwear options to help you find the right one this summer.

1. One-piece swimsuit

The one-piece swimsuit has risen in popularity over the last few years. With something for every body shape, the one-piece is elegant and comfortable.

If you want to cover up more skin than a bikini, it might be the one for you. The bathing suit highlights curves and is flattering for the midsection. Using bold or ruched patterns, some designs give the look of a flatter stomach.

Many one-piece swimsuits give support to the tummy area. The added tummy control that these pieces offer makes one-piece swimsuits great for boosting confidence on the beach or by the pool.

The overall design is usually snug and secure too, making them a worry-free option when swimming laps or running around after the kids. The last thing you want is for a bikini top to become loose!

2. Tankini

Tankinis are somewhere between a bathing suit and a bikini. This two-piece swimwear option features a tank top that covers the tummy area and bottoms that offer more coverage than standard bikini bottoms.

The two-piece properties of a tankini make them a great choice for someone who wants the convenience of a bikini with the slightly more conservative look and coverage of a one-piece. The styling options are also limitless with matching tankini tops and bottoms. Have fun mixing and matching colors and patterns.

It’s also great that often you can mix and match sizes. For example, I’m usually a small on top and medium on bottom.

Tankini tops are available in a variety of cuts ranging from high necklines to halternecks and can be easily transformed into evening or resort wear with the addition of a pair of pants, shorts, or a skirt allowing you to effortlessly transition to a different setting without having to change.

3. The midkini is a bikini alternative

I only recently heard this word! A midkini is a two-piece option that is another middle ground between a bikini and a one-piece swimsuit.

Unlike a traditional tankini, a midkini includes high-waisted bottoms and a bikini-style top or a fitted tankini top that exposes varying degrees of your midsection. Like a tankini, this outfit also gives you the option to mix and match patterns and styles.

4. Swim dress

Swim dresses are a stylish and practical solution for women who don’t want to show off too much skin yet want a stylish addition to the summer wardrobe. Allowing you to sunbathe and swim comfortably, a swim dress consists of a one-piece swimsuit with a skirt bottom. It gives the appearance of a loose-fitting summer dress and offers greater coverage for the hips, thighs, and bottom than a bikini.

Comfortable and flattering, a swim dress will also offer your skin greater protection from the sun. This swimwear option is practical too as it allows you to get into the water and move freely. The lightweight fabric ensures it won’t weigh you down in the water; simply squeeze out the excess water when done swimming.

Swim dresses are available in many different shapes and styles, from thin straps to halter necks, and flared or cinched in at the waist. Thus, there is something to suit every taste.

The versatility of a summer dress means you can wear this item all day too, going from the beach to a restaurant for a bite afterward. Not having to carry a change of clothing is convenient.

5. Cover-up accessory

Cover-ups have become the must-have accessory on women’s swimming checklist. There are many types of stylish cover-ups, such as a sarong, tunic, or kaftan.

Any of them can add a touch of elegance and glamor to your bikini or bathing suit, as well as some modesty. I have a peach-colored one that looks like a dress and I love it.

Whether you tie a sarong neatly around your waist to cover up your bare legs or drape a kaftan over your shoulders, these summer staples can make the perfect accompaniment around the pool or bar. It also allows you to stylishly cover up when the mid-afternoon heat becomes too intense.

Options that are not a bikini: Which one do you like the most?

With all the options outlined in this article, you no longer need to feel there is nothing for you to wear at the beach or when swimming. Being able to choose from various shapes and styles of swimwear makes it easier to find one that you’re comfortable in.

Do you wear a bikini? Or, do you look for alternatives like the ones above? Is there a favorite?

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