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4 benefits of assisted living facilities

Assisted living benefits

Finding the right care home for your elderly parent or relative is an important decision, and it’s often a difficult one. If looking after someone you love has become too much or you are not able to provide what the senior‘s health needs, it may be time to entrust their care to an assisted living facility. The right place balances personalized care with independence. Knowing your loved one will be safe and happy in their new home can give you the peace of mind. If you or your senior loved one are unsure about this decision, understanding the core benefits of assisted living facilities can be helpful.

1. Safety and security

Keeping seniors safe and secure is one of the main benefits of an assisted living facility. This encompasses more than just their physical well-being and includes the following:

Minimizing the risk of injury: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US emergency departments treat approximately three million older adults for fall injuries each year. Falls are a major cause of injury in adults aged 65 and above.

Assisted living centers are specifically designed to aid mobility and accessibility with fixtures, such as ramps, handrails, and bathrooms that are fitted with walk-in bathtubs, shower chairs, and raised toilet seats. Other fall prevention measures to promote safety include regular inspections for uneven or slippery surfaces, loose flooring, and inadequate lighting.

Security: Scammers and thieves often target older people. Assisted living centers are secure places that use alarm systems, security cameras, and perimeter access control to ensure residents stay safer and more secure at all times.

Emergency response: Residents can alert staff at any time through emergency call functions in case of falls, injuries, or other matters. Knowing that your relative will not be left helpless or alone in a traumatic or painful situation can provide great comfort.

2. Personalized care: Another benefit of assisted living centers

Assisted living facilities such as Longhouse understand and support the needs of each resident, helping them to feel welcome and at home in their surroundings. Such personalized care can include help on a daily basis with bathing, grooming, dressing, hygiene, and other self-care matters.

Personalized assistance with laundry, housekeeping, and medication management is also available. So is walking and mobility assistance.

3. Activities and mental stimulation

Assisted living facilities typically offer a range of interesting and mentally stimulating activities to prevent boredom and fill free time in ways that are fun and engaging. Knowing your loved one can pursue their hobbies and learn new skills while making friends can be a welcome relief.

That is especially true if they previously spent large amounts of time isolated and alone at home. Some of the activities assisted living centers offer are:

Movie nights: Classic movies that appeal to this generation play for entertainment.

A variety of classes: From arts and crafts to music, languages, and woodwork, many classes are available. They encourage creativity and can teach residents new skills in areas of interest.

Communal gardens: Many seniors enjoy gardening. Spending time in nature while working in a community garden also promotes relaxation and physical activity for your relatives.

Chess and card games: Games promoting friendly competition between residents as well as mental stimulation are also available.

Libraries: Books on various topics can offer entertainment and also help residents learn new subjects. Many centers also encourage book clubs where residents can socialize and meet to discuss what they are reading right now.

4. Healthy eating

Assisted living facilities take into account the nutritional requirements of seniors when catering to their dietary needs. Professional chefs make healthy, nourishing, and tasty meals, eliminating the need for your loved ones to shop for groceries and prepare their own food.

Meals take into account any specific dietary and health requirements, such as low cholesterol, plant-based, or diabetic diets. There is often supplementation with minerals and vitamins to support the health of seniors.

Allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances are important, with special menus providing nuts, gluten, and dairy-free options among others. It is reassuring to know that your relatives will be well fed and their dietary needs will be accommodated.

Concluding words on assisted living facility benefits

The list above mentions only some of the benefits an assisted living facility can offer your loved one. Addressing seniors’ health needs and helping them to age gracefully to enjoy their later years ought to be defining features of quality assisted living facilities.

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