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‘Bean’ drinking too much? How to keep your coffee habit in check

Your coffee habit

Coffee is, for so many people, a real lifesaver, increasing energy, improving focus, and providing a pick-me-up when feeling down. Coffee seems to have it all! But are you having a bit too much? Are there ways to keep your coffee habit in check to enjoy the benefits and avoid the downsides?

Your unique coffee habit

While there are many health benefits of coffee, the reality is that there are certain things about consuming a lot of it that can prove detrimental. For example, you may have a sensitivity to caffeine. Or struggle with caffeine withdrawal, so you end up jumping back on the wagon.

Whatever the relationship you have with caffeine, you’ve got to remember that, for your health, it’s likely necessary to rein in the habit in the right ways. That leads to the question, what can you do to keep your coffee habit healthy?

Remember the (few) downsides

Coffee is good for many people, within a certain dosage. But consuming too much can have a negative impact.

For instance, caffeine can trigger insomnia, restlessness, and even stomach upset if you consume too much. If you feel that you are drinking a lot of coffee, you might want to also consider its effects on oral health.

Drinking too much coffee can weaken the teeth, for starters. When a tooth weakens, it is more susceptible to a range of problems, such as cavities and tooth decay. That is why you need to start looking for information about your local dentist and have a check-up.

Coffee is a beverage that can erode the teeth of some people who consume too much of it. Also, if you drink too much of the yummy beverage, it can cause bad breath.

Try decaf sometimes

If you are thinking of cutting down on caffeine but you still want all of the taste, consider a cup of decaf now and then. That is one of the best ways to slowly reduce caffeine intake.

Decaffeinated coffee has that same taste And if you are constantly downing cup after cup, having a “decaf chaser” can help to break things up.

Remember that if you drink too much, caffeine is going to stay in your system for at least 12 hours. So if you have coffee at midday, the caffeine still going to be in your system at midnight, which could interrupt sleep and have other adverse effects. So, having decaf in the afternoon to fulfill your craving could be the ideal solution.

Have a healthier dose

Stopping caffeinated cups after midday is going to help with reducing caffeine after a certain time, but that is only one piece of the puzzle. When you start to think about the overall impact of your caffeine intake, you may want to start thinking about a healthy dose.

How much caffeine to consume is primarily based on your body weight. You can use a coffee calculator to assess coffee amounts based on your body weight. But if you are trying to be a little bit healthier, the fact is you need to listen to your body.

The coffee habit: All in moderation

Coffee can be fantastic, giving you the right dose of energy based on your lifestyle. But having too much caffeine can be detrimental over time. Thus, in conclusion, keep the dose in proportion and enjoy one of the yummiest beverages out there!

6 thoughts on “‘Bean’ drinking too much? How to keep your coffee habit in check”

  1. Hey there, Christy. How are you? A few years ago I realized I am pretty sensitive to caffeine. So, now when I brew coffee I use 1/3 caffeinated grounds and 2/3 decaf grounds. For me, it’s a good solution.

  2. I have two cups of coffee in the mornings and I enjoy every single mouthful. It’s like a treat when I get up and start the day. I have mild coffee and the two cups is my limit. I might have a skinny cappuccino if I’m out and about but I limit those too. A little of what you fancy and all that :) xxxx

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