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5 ways to have more energy

Let’s get real. The year has been challenging. If you find yourself suffering from a lack of energy, you aren’t alone. Even if you think that you are sleeping and eating enough, you might still feel tired a lot and can’t understand it. Or, maybe you’re well aware that your sleep and diet are suffering at the moment. Whatever the reason, you’re feeling exhausted and need to read this! Get ways to have more energy – FIVE methods.

What’s causing it?

Stop and think about what could be causing your lack of energy, if you are stressed or have a lot on your plate, then that’s a good indication of the “why.” The good thing is that there are quite a few things you can try to help give yourself some more energy. Here are five things to try for a happier, healthier, and more energetic you.

Top ways to have more energy:

It could be that you consume natural energy drinks like Zenedge to put more pep into your step. Here are addition ways to recharge your energy:

1. Consider what medication you are taking

Sometimes feeling tired comes from the prescribed medication you’re taking. Yup, that might not be something you’ve known was a side effect.

For example, you could be feeling sleepiness from antibiotics if you have recently had an infection and the doctor gave you antibiotics. While the meds are prescribed to help you get better, they can zap your strength.

There are lots of other medications that can cause drowsiness too. So, be sure to look through any side effects before taking them and discuss with your doctor if you have any questions or are simply tired of being tired.

No, I’m not saying to stop taking your meds! They were prescribed to you for a good reason. But your doctor might have an alternative one to offer that doesn’t give you that darned sleepy mode after taking it.

2. Set a bedtime routine – And stick with it

A good night’s sleep is vital for having more energy. Try turning off any screens an hour before you go to bed so your brain can shut off.

Yes, an hour. I put mine upside down (case side up) and turn off the volume on it so I don’t feel the temptation to check what I’m missing on email or social media. Instead, read a book or do something that won’t strain your eyes or keep your mind overly active before trying to fall asleep.

Make sure your bed is comfortable too. In general, create a bedroom atmosphere that is cozy and restful. That makes it a place conducive to a night of good sleep.

In the summer months, when it is bright well into the evening, you’ll want to take extra measures to get a darkened bedroom. For example, you might get blackout blinds.

I used them when I used to work nightshifts as I slept during the day. That type of window covering blocks out the sunlight effectively. Or, maybe you will wear an eye mask instead.

3. Drink plenty of water as one of the top ways to have more energy

Water is your body’s fuel. If you are dehydrated, one of the first signs is fatigue.

To prevent dehydration, drink eight glasses of water a day. Doing so helps your body repair, improves your brain function, and reduces sugar cravings.

OK, that’s enough to get me reaching for a glass of H2O. What about you?

Get less fatigued by regularly drinking water and have more energy throughout the day. I start with a big ol’ glass of water as soon as I wake up, and hubby does the same. He got me on that great habit!

4. Control your stress

If you are feeling stressed, it not only takes its toll on you emotionally but is physically draining too. Take a look at what you are stressing about and do your best to combat it.

In some situations, though, it’s easy to feel like worries are out of your control. Stress and anxiety during the pandemic can be debilitating and explain why you’re staying in bed longer or not getting in the exercise you did a year ago.

If anxiety has you feeling overwhelmed and feeling out of options, check out the suggestions in my newest video over at YouTube:

Whether it involves making a plan to organize yourself to feel less stressed or talking to someone about what is bothering you, you will have more energy once you address the stress and anxiety. The first step is realizing the cause of the discomfort or worry.

The next step is addressing it in ways that are effective for you. In the video, I offer several suggestions. Which ones work well for you is something only you can decide, based on personal preferences and other factors.

5. Maintain a balanced diet

Without all the correct nutrients, your body can feel sluggish. You know what I mean: You can’t seem to get up enough strength to get off the couch.

Believe it or not, what you’re eating (or not) can make a difference. Reach for foods rich in iron, fiber, and vitamins to help your body feel as good as possible.

That’s as opposed to the Snickers bar. Or, have one of the bite-size versions of the chocolate bar if you want a bit of sweetness as a snack. That’s what I started doing to get my sugar craving in without going overboard. That way I don’t deprive my body of one of my fave foods!

In general, though, your diet ought to consist of food with a low glycemic index. That means sugars that the body absorbs slowly. Limit those with refined sugar (ahem, chocolate), which can give you a sharp energy boost and even quicker decline.

Doing so will give you a long, constant stretch of energy. Then you’re less likely to be grouchy and feel like you want to nap in the middle of the day.

Feel better with these ways to have more energy

These are just a few of the top ways to have more energy. Feeling like you have the drive to give it your all each day and seeing the achievements of your efforts at the end of the day is an amazing feeling.

Wishing you good physical, emotional, and mental health,


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  1. That was so lovely to ‘see’ you, Christy. Well done. Your ‘suggested solutions’ make a lot of sense; I found them all very realistic.
    Yes, this is a difficult time for many. However, looking at it sensibly, as your suggestions offer, we will come out the other side stronger and more capable.

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