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5 types of personal injury claims

Personal injury claims types

Of all the many forms of legal proceedings, suing for personal injury is more common than most people would think it is. There are many forms of personal injury claims, so let’s look at them in detail below.

1. Medical malpractice

Another common form of personal injury claim, medical malpractice lawsuit occurs when the patient feels they have suffered due to a medical procedure. A medical malpractice lawyer would likely accept the case on a no-win-no-fee basis. If the legal expert thinks you don’t have a strong case, they would advise you not to file a claim.

If, on the other hand, the lawyer thinks you have a strong case, they would recommend filing a claim. Evidence might be in the form of medical reports, images, video, or witness statements, and the lawyer would ask many questions and require many things.

2. Slip & fall accidents

It is oh so easy to lose your balance and fall, especially for people of advanced age. If a person walks on a wet floor, for example, this can easily lead to a fall and possibly an injury.

In the event the floor cleaner did not put out a ‘beware wet floor’ sign, the injured person can claim compensation. However, there must be some evidence to support the claim.

3. Auto accident

When a passenger suffers injury because of a road traffic accident, they can file a lawsuit claiming compensation. For Asians, Chinese law firms such as Vize Counselor can help prepare the lawsuit and represent them, should the matter reach a court of law.

The driver who was at fault and caused the accident is liable for any personal injury to third parties. And the driver’s insurance would pay any compensation costs.

4. Personal injury claims in the workplace

Should an employee suffer a personal injury at work, they might be able to claim compensation from their employer, who has public liability insurance to cover such claims. This means your employer will not have to pay should you decide to make a claim.

If the court thinks that the employer was negligent, they would award the employee a sum of compensation. Some employees are reluctant to sue their boss, who has always been a good employer, yet, as mentioned already, the employer is insured for such scenarios.

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5. Product liability

In the event that a person suffered a personal injury caused by a product defect, that person might be able to claim compensation from the product manufacturer. As with all personal injury claims, there must be sufficient evidence to demonstrate liability, something your lawyer would handle.

In some cases, the manufacturer prefers to settle out of court. If so, both lawyers would sit down and negotiate a settlement.

Takeaway on personal injury claims

If you have recently suffered a personal injury and you feel that a third party was negligent, you should make contact with a law firm and receive the best advice. If the lawyer thinks you have a good case, they would offer to represent you on a “no win-no fee” basis.


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