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4 tips for preparing for a workplace emergency

Workplace emergency plan

Work is a place that usually feels safe. It’s usually a calm environment minus some tension here and there with other co-workers or upper management. Emergencies aren’t something that tends to happen at work. Depending on the workplace, such as an office, it’s not something that can really be expected. If a workplace emergency hits, though, is it something that you or your fellow team can manage?

Emergencies can come in a variety of forms such as earthquakes, fires, attacks, and someone having intense chest pains. But emergencies can extend to so much more too.

It’s important that everyone knows the protocol for emergencies and it’s especially important that everyone stays prepared. Below are some tips for handling emergencies in the workplace.

1. Have an effective altering system

When it comes to building codes, most need to have some type of sprinkler system and fire alarms. Fire drills are something that most people were taught when they were younger, so it may not be entirely necessary to teach the team that.

However, it is important that there is some other type of altering system. An alerting system can have multiple features and each can be very different. It’s best to invest in a system that employees can be familiar with that includes instructions that are sent to their phones.

It’s important that the emergency altering system can send notifications. It’s true that emergencies cannot always be prevented but staying prepared can make things far easier.

2. Get an emergency preparedness or safety officer

Depending on where your business is located, there is a chance that this may be mandatory. Some countries have a law where each workplace must have one or two safety officers present as long as the office is open for the day.

It’s important to appoint several people to have this responsibility as they will be notified when an emergency occurs and will be the first to respond while emergency first responders are on their way.

The safety officers need to be knowledgeable in emergencies and evacuations and calm during stressful moments. They also need to ensure that proper safety signage is in place throughout the workplace. When it comes to ISO-approved fire escape signs you can read about it here.

3. Have emergency equipment easily accessible

Everyone in the workplace should know where the emergency equipment is located. This can include where the first aid kits are, emergency equipment such as a fire extinguisher, or anything else that may be needed.

It would also be very helpful to know where the urgent care facility is located as well. While each workplace is going to have its own needed emergency tools, it’s important that everyone knows where they are as this is going to lessen the time of having to search.

4. Give employees in the workplace proper training

One class in CPR and first aid can truly go a long way for a team. Many people only take these types of classes as they feel like they need to do a specified job.

But in reality, everyone can take these emergency training classes. They’re incredibly helpful as you never know when an emergency may potentially hit.

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