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Happy Easter 2022

Happy Easter 2022

Here it is, Easter again – How quickly it seems to have come this year. Happy Easter 2022!

It is a time to spend with those who you care about most, creating new memories and reminiscing about times together in the past. Will there be a turkey? For us, yes. We will also see friends.

The Easter Bunny dropped by our house and brought me a chocolate version of himself. Yum! I was thinking about doing an Easter egg hunt, haha but maybe the adults would like that after all.

What are your plans for Easter weekend? I hope you have a nice holiday time, whatever you have planned.

Love Christy

22 thoughts on “Happy Easter 2022”

  1. Happy Easter, Christy! I was at my daughter’s school on Friday doing an egg hunt with the kiddos. It was so much fun! Now I am resting on Easter 🐣 because I have to!

  2. Enjoy the chocolate bunny – I’m hoping to pick one (several 😉) up on Tuesday when they’re all on sale, providing I can get to the shops fast enough!

    Happy Easter to you & yours 🐰🐥 xxxx

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