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How to make the holiday season extra special for your kids

Holiday season extra special

The holiday season is around the corner, and the excitement is growing. But, due to the pandemic, celebrations will not be the same this year. Staying safe is a priority, and a positive way to look at the holidays this year is that you can have a cozy time at home with your kids. Showing your loved ones appreciation may just be the biggest gift of all. To make the holiday season extra special for your kids, try some or all of the ideas below. Start early with the planning to make it an amazing time!

Plan and make a list

The first tip is planning, and the best time to start is now. Plan fun activities and ask your kids and other family members about the ones they want to do the most.

You will end up saving money by picking activities that work for everyone, rather than putting a lot into ones that nobody even seems very interested in doing at home. There’s no need to go overboard with anything either, as you have to manage your budget for other holiday essentials.

Playing games makes the holidays extra special

Family games and activities help make the holidays more fun, and they’re also a great opportunity to create lasting memories. Drawing games, board games, and scavenger hunts are all great. Puzzles are another option.

If there’s a particular one that the kids really like, maybe you could make it a tradition to play it every year. Obviously, you’ll want to choose indoor games given the chilly temperatures outdoors during the holidays.

Give customized gifts

Gifts are a big part of Christmas for many families, especially those with kids. If you’re looking for something unique, consider giving customized gifts this year to your little ones and teens.

There are lots of choices. Visit this canvas gift shop and have a special wall decor piece for their room. You can order a coffee mug, cushion, or photo frame. But make sure you order early so the gift is ready and delivers to you in time.

Bake cookies and other treats at home

Baking goodies at home will put the whole family in the festive spirit. From cookies to bars and even a cake, there are plenty of yummy options.

Recipes are easy to get online, or maybe you’ll pull out a recipe book that’s been passed down through the family. Get your kids involved in making the treats by assigning them age-appropriate tasks. They will feel good about contributing to make the celebrations special.

Share and help

On this festive season, make sure your kids learn the joys of giving. Encourage them to give away their gently used toys and books to the needy.

Or, give of your time as a family at a local soup kitchen or with another volunteer opportunity. Volunteering is one of the noblest acts, and teaching your children about the value of sharing is the best thing you can do for them.

Sharing in holiday activities is another great way to bond. For example, everyone can come up with ideas for how to light up the house outdoors, from deciding on the design to the color of the bulbs.

Concluding words on making the holiday season extra special

Making the holiday season special matters more now than ever. With so many stresses around us, creating a fun time that gets a child smiling is a wonderful thing! Celebrating as a family brings happiness to the home and creates memories that you all remember for many years to come.

What are some other ways to make Christmas a more memorable and enjoyable time this year?

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