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3 top office wellness products for 2022

Office wellness products

Are you tired of feeling that gradual drowsiness and discomfort after hours of sitting and working at your desk? If so, you’re not alone. Countless workers in the US and across the world don’t get enough exercise due to the nature of the modern office. As more jobs become tied to desks using computers, it becomes more difficult to get the physical activity you need for both physical and mental health. Thankfully, the top office wellness products for 2022 can help you get active while still doing your job.

To combat the ill effects of a lack of exercise, you can now incorporate office wellness products in your office—whether you’re working in a traditional office or at home. A treadmill desk, for example, is a popular office wellness device that combines a treadmill with a work desk to help you stay active while getting work done.

Here, we’re taking a closer look at office wellness and how some of these innovative office wellness products can help you stay in shape while completing work. Burn calories and stay more productive? Does it get any better?

What is an office wellness product?

An office wellness product is any piece of exercise equipment that encourages physical activity and overall corporate wellness. Compared to your standard gym equipment, like a stationary bike, rack of weights for the bench press, or a traditional treadmill, office wellness equipment is designed for a specific purpose. This purpose is to allow you to integrate exercise into the workplace by balancing productivity with calorie burning.

That’s right. Office wellness products enable you to burn calories and stay active—all while remaining focused and productive. They’re so effective at this because office wellness products are designed for the merger of activity and productivity.

These products allow you to still work from a comfortable position, but also provide the opportunity to burn calories by slowly working on a bike desk or desk treadmill. Even just a standing desk, a desk that raises and lowers to allow you to shift to a stand position for a portion of your day, can dramatically impact your overall health over time.

Why stay active throughout the workday?

First things first: why is staying active such a big deal and why do office wellness products even exist? Staying active during your day can help you avoid the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle refers to any daily routine where an individual doesn’t receive enough exercise or activity to effectively maintain good health. That has become such a concern in modern-day as many jobs require people to sit at desks most of the day.

And then how do most folks unwind after a long day? Laying on the couch and watching TV.

Of course, having a few lazy days is fine. But over time, a lack of exercise can have a serious impact on your overall health.

Engaging in a sedentary lifestyle reduces the number of calories you burn throughout the day. As time goes on, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll experience weight gain as you don’t have a chance to burn off calories.

This routine can eventually develop into obesity, which can negatively impact most areas of your health. From a physical perspective, a sedentary lifestyle also increases your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, and even some types of cancer (see link above).

3 top office wellness products for 2022

If you’re looking to stay active while at work, then these three options may help you. There are many innovative and easy-to-use office wellness products that not only make exercise during your day convenient but even enjoyable. These office wellness products are specifically designed to help you be productive while getting active.

If you’re interested in staying fit at work, take a look at these three office wellness products:

1. Treadmill desks

As the name suggests, this piece of equipment combines a desk with a treadmill. It enables you to gradually get in your steps while working at your desk.

Treadmill desks are comfortable and adjustable so you can find the right positioning for your body. With a variety of speeds and controls, you can casually walk as you work or pick up the pace to burn even more calories.

2. Bike desks

Who says you have to wait for the weekend to get your miles in? A bike desk allows you to experience all the health benefits of cycling while still being seated comfortably at a desk.

A bike desk offers a surprisingly simple design that combines a traditional desk with a stationary desk. You can even opt for a bike desk table; it combines several bike desks so you can collaborate with co-workers.

3. Standing desks

If a bike desk or treadmill desk seems a little too intense for you, you can always opt for a standing desk instead. I have one!

These office wellness products have been around for some time now, but in recent years, they’ve really taken off in popularity. A standing desk allows you to adjust your desk so you can comfortably work from a standing position. Even just standing for parts of your day (as compared to only sitting) can positively impact your health.

Concluding words on office wellness products in 2022

As more and more jobs shift to office work, it’s becoming more of a challenge to get the exercise the human body needs. While it may not seem like a huge deal (or even inevitable) to miss out on a daily activity, over time, this can pose serious health risks.

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain, cardiovascular disease, and an increased risk of diabetes. It may even hurt your mental health.

Physical activity is essential for a happy, productive life, which is why office wellness equipment is so amazing. These simple exercise devices combine your traditional workstation with exercise devices to burn calories while staying productive and focused. A bike desk, treadmill desk, or even just a standing desk could be the way to improve your health and even your productivity.

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