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4 reasons you might need an employment lawyer

Why need employment lawyer

Every employee has rights. However, not all employees know their options when a workplace dispute or issue arises. Find out if you are in a situation where you need an employment lawyer in this guide.

About employment lawyers

If you are facing a work-related issue, the most qualified person to advise you is an employment lawyer specializing in employment law. An experienced employment attorney at HKM lawyers will be able to analyze your situation, advise you on your options, and determine whether your employer is violating your employee rights.

If you need legal assistance, an employment lawyer can advocate for you, protect your rights, and prevent the situation from escalating further. Although there are many reasons for an employee to hire a lawyer specializing in the area of employment, here are the four most common ones.

1. To better understand your employment contract, a lawyer can help

Your employment contract defines the relationship between you and your employer. It details your entitlements and obligations.

When you receive a job offer, never feel obligated to sign it without having an employment lawyer look over it first. Instead, acknowledge you received the formal document and inform the employer that you need some time to review the job contract.

Hiring an employment lawyer los angeles or elsewhere to review your employment contract before you sign it can save you a lot of time, effort, and frustration down the road. Whether it’s your employment contract, problems relating to the Medical Leave Act, wrongful termination, or something else related to the job, they are a great resource to have on your side.

It can help you have a better workplace experience long-term. An employment lawyer will review the job offer and ensure it is fair by paying special attention to non-compete clauses and the termination or severance rules.

An employment lawyer can also tell you if you’re getting fair compensation for your skill level and negotiate your ideal terms. They have the background to know what’s acceptable and what is not in this area.

2. When your employer doesn’t respect your rights

Unfortunately, unfair treatment and contract breaches are common on the employer’s part.

Examples of unfair treatment and contract breaches include failing to follow health and safety protocols, refusing to compensate for overtime, violating your right to privacy, refusing maternity leave, and denying leaves of absence or sick leave.

If your employer is violating your employee rights, a lawyer can help by advising you on your options and ways to remedy the situation.

3. When you experience workplace discrimination or harassment

Sexual harassment and unequal treatment due to discrimination are prohibited in the workplace. It is unlawful behavior.

If your supervisor, co-worker, or employer is bullying or harassing you, an experienced attorney can step in to help remedy the situation. This professional can protect you against potential retaliation when you file a complaint. If the situation does not improve after the intervention, the employment lawyer can pursue legal action and compensation on your behalf.

4. To evaluate a severance package or wrongful dismissal claim

If your employer terminates your contract without a justification, you should have entitlements with your severance. Retrenchment is an example.

Getting your severance package looked over by an employment lawyer before you accept it is the best way to protect your rights. If you’ve been fired without just cause, you may also have a claim for wrongful termination.

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