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The top hair trends in 2022: Watch for these 8 styles

Hair trends in 2022

The year 2022 is bound to be the year of more emphasis on self-expression, especially when it comes to hair choices. That will largely manifest in bolder hairstyles and a growing willingness to experiment with more textures and hues. This article outlines eight top hair trends in 2022 to watch for:

1. The shag

You can expect more variations of the shag haircut in 2022, largely defined with its choppy ends, variety of textures, and layers around the crown. This sexy and sassy hairstyle will be a great choice, as it works well with almost hair textures and lengths. You can have it styled at my favorite hair salon in Houston and bring out the best of your natural hair while enjoying a low-maintenance vibe.

2. Bottleneck bangs are 2022 hair trends too

Bangs had a big moment during the pandemic as self-cut hair was the norm. In 2022, people will take this inspiration further by rocking bottleneck bangs for a chic and laid-back ’70s vibe. The winning edge for these bangs is that they can easily be adjusted to suit any face shape, and they will keep looking great even as they grow out.

3. ’90s fluffy hair

The ’90s blonde trend is back in a big way, thanks to Instagram models and celebrities like Adele. This style is all about bounce and volume for a fluffy and glamorous look that will turn heads wherever you go.

4. 3D curls

If you have curly hair, 2022 will be the year to make them pop and look as dimensional as possible. 3D curls are primarily about volume and enhancing the springy texture of your hair for a wild yet effortlessly chic look.

5. More 2022 hair trends: Fantasy colors

If you want to be adventurous with your hairstyle and hair color but don’t want to make to commitment, there are other ways to enjoy fantasy colors. You can use colored clip-in hair extensions instead. You can attach these to your locks to rock the look that you like without changing your hair color entirely. Plus, you can change these as often as you want to go with the occasion or your mood.

You can expect more boldness in hair colors in 2022 as more people will be willing to rock more daring shades while showcasing their sense of style to the world. Some of the unique fantasy colors that we can expect to see more of are cool-toned rainbow layers, bright purple, hot pink, cool blue, and electric yellow.

6. Butterfly haircut

The butterfly haircut allows you to rock a short haircut without having to cut out most of your hair. You can achieve this by wearing your hair up at the back, so it seems like you have shorter hair from the front. It is an excellent switch if your hair has grown longer, but you want short hair without fully committing to it.

7. Long layers and volumes

A major highlight of 2022 will be the growing emphasis on layering long hair to create more volume for thin hair, making maintenance easier. You can easily style your hair to complement your face shape.

8. All-natural

One of the trendiest looks that will be widely embraced is rocking all-natural hair. This will complement the growing pursuits of strong and healthy hair, embracing natural textures, and the ever-increasing confidence in having gray hair.

Endnote on hair trends in 2022

The hair trends that will dominate this year will be a subtle mix of identity expression and classic hairstyles that have been given a modern touch. Are you going to try any of these popular styles?

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  1. I’m in on #8. Growing out the grey over the pandemic years. I’m keeping it long, so it’s about 1/2 grown out. It’s quite salt and pepper! Very exciting!

    OH! happy Valentines, dear Christy! Mouah! ❤️💕💗💕❤️

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