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10 tips to improve sleep during pregnancy in Canada

Improve sleep during pregnancy

If you’ve clicked on this article, you know that pregnancy can mess up your sleep schedule. A lack of sleep is harmful to not only your health but to the health and well-being of your expected bundle of joy. That’s why the list below is so important. Find 10 tips to improve sleep during pregnancy in Canada (and elsewhere in the world). With the help of this Canadian guide, you are more likely to get a full night’s rest.

1. Get a pregnancy pillow

The belly grows pretty large during the third trimester, putting a lot of strain on the back, hip, and pelvic region. As your body prepares itself for delivery, you might notice an increased amount of pain or discomfort in your pelvis. At this stage, pregnant women often face sleep deprivation.

If you face increased discomfort throughout the night, a firm mattress can ease the pain. To go a step further, consider sleeping with a pillow between your knees to reduce the pain. Pregnancy pillows are specifically designed for pregnant women, alleviating the pressure and tension that a pregnancy belly puts on your spine and joints.

In addition to pregnancy pillows, a wide variety of bedding can create a more comfortable sleeping environment for women. In some cases, a change in bedding can make a huge difference.

Several pillows, mattresses, comforters, sheets, and much more can increase comfortability. The more comfortable you are, the better. Find out more here for product reviews and recommendations on all types of bedding.

2. Use a sleep bra

Your breasts will become larger during pregnancy due to your increased hormone levels. In addition, your body will start to produce breastmilk for your baby.

The discomfort of pain in the breasts might be affecting your sleep quality. Thus, a sleep bra can provide more comfort. You might also want to get a maternity bra to wear during your waking hours.

3. Create a sleep-friendly environment

Insomnia might be another symptom of pregnancy hormones and the changes your body will experience. To combat insomnia, you can try creating a more sleep-inducing environment that will make you sleepier when it’s time to go to bed.

So, here are some tips for creating a more sleep-friendly environment:

  • Go to bed at a fixed time every night
  • Sleep on your side with pillows supporting your back and belly
  • Sleep in a fixed room. Make sure it’s dark, cool, and quiet
  • Do your choice of breathing exercises before going to bed. Doing so will relax you, allowing you to sleep

4. Read for 6 minutes

Six minutes of reading at night before bed can help you fall asleep. Now, you might be wondering: how does it work?

Reading a novel with a pleasant story will temporarily occupy your mind and transport you to another reality. As a result, you’ll be able to divert your attention away from the pain long enough to induce sleep.

5. Sleep on the floor

While it might seem strange, sleeping on the floor is another possible way to improve your sleep. In fact, it has several advantages. Sleeping on the floor stretches your back out, allowing your spine and pelvis to realign accordingly.

In addition, there is a reduced amount of tension and pressure on your body. As a result, sleeping this way relieves back pain and improves your posture. When sleeping on the floor, feel free to use pillows to make you more comfortable.

6. Exercise

You might experience leg cramps during the second and third trimesters, especially at night. You can combat these cramps by doing calf stretches. Also, it’s important to drink water during the day, go for walks, or even get a full-body massage.

In addition, doing squats can significantly reduce pelvic pain. Kegel exercises, meanwhile, improve bladder control. Meditation is another exercise that can help relieve anxiety.

Come up with an exercise routine that works for you and see it through to experience these benefits. As a bonus, doing these simple yet effective exercises will exude excess energy, making it easier to fall asleep.

7. Improve sleep hygiene

Practicing sleep hygiene puts you in the right frame of mind, making it so that you can easily fall asleep. Make these small changes during the day to achieve a better night’s rest:

  • Don’t drink caffeine after 12 p.m.
  • Avoid screens one to two hours before bed
  • Use essential oils, such as lavender
  • Use a white noise machine

8. Change your mattress

You might need to change or upgrade your mattress to support pregnancy sleeping positions better. Sleepingnorth is a Canadian company dedicated to sleep-related products, including mattresses and bedding.

So, you can use their services to find the best supportive mattress for you. For example, you can get a memory foam mattress with medium firmness.

Thus, you can sleep on your side more comfortably. The company also gives you a breakdown of each mattress type and its suggested use. So, choosing the best mattress for you during your pregnancy won’t be a problem.

9. Quit smoking

Studies indicate that smoking is one of the most dangerous risks for Canadian pregnant women. If someone in the house is a smoker, try talking to them about dropping the habit. At the very least, do your best to avoid secondhand smoking.

Smoking is a nasty habit that won’t only harm your baby but also affects your sleep quality. Smoking damages your lungs, making it more difficult to breathe.

Thus, smoking can result in sleep-depriving conditions such as sleep apnea. In addition, nicotine—a chemical found in cigarettes—is known to interrupt the natural sleep cycle. As a result, you’ll find that you won’t get the rest you need to support you and your changing body.

10. Shower before bed

A hot or cold shower can release endorphins that make you happier and more relaxed, thus making it easier to sleep. Shower before bed, and ensure you keep warm afterward.

In addition, showers can relieve muscles cramps and reduce tension related to pregnancy. As a result, you’ll be able to sleep ache-free, at least for the night.


Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for any woman, but sometimes sleeping can be difficult due to various symptoms. Using a pregnancy pillow and wearing a sleep-specific bra may alleviate some of the discomforts that pregnancy can cause.

Furthermore, pregnant women can exercise, practice better sleep hygiene, or read before bed to improve their overall quality of rest. We hope that these 10 tips to improve sleep for pregnant women in Canada will help provide you—a deserving mother—get a full night’s rest. You’re going to need it once the baby comes, after all. Best of luck!

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