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5 benefits of sleeping on the floor during pregnancy

sleeping on the floor while pregnant benefits

What is the effect of sleeping on the floor during pregnancy? Yes, it’s a thing. Are there benefits? If so, how is it good for the body?

Sleepytime: A hard surface could be right for you

When most people think of a cozy night of sleep, they imagine themselves getting snuggled up warm in a big bed with a soft mattress and plenty of blankets. However, in countless cultures around the world, people still prefer to sleep on a hard surface, like a floor or a wooden slab.

In some locations throughout the UK and US, people are beginning to discover the benefits of sleeping on the floor for themselves. This practice could even be a good way to overcome some of the pain and discomfort you experience when you’re working on your sleep habits during pregnancy. Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits of falling asleep on a floor rather than a bed.

5 benefits of sleeping on the floor during pregnancy:

1. It could fight back pain

Although there isn’t a lot of scientific proof available that falling asleep on the floor helps back pain yet, many people do believe that it offers some form of relief. There’s merit to this idea.

For instance, softer mattresses can allow your body to sink down into the cushion beneath, particularly when you’re dealing with the extra weight of a baby. The more you sink into the mattress, the more pain you experience in the back.

Some experts like the Harvard Medical School even recommend placing plywood under your mattress if you think it’s overly soft.

If your budget allows, you may want to consider buying an adjustable frame like Nectar’s bed. Adjustable beds are very strong and are at least as supportive as plywood. Plus, they’re adjustable. Nevertheless, the benefits you get from sleeping on the floor during pregnancy will depend on your sleeping position and the cause of your pain.

2. It might prevent other kinds of pain too

It’s not just back pain that sleeping on the floor could help you to tackle when you’re pregnant. The chances are that you’ll have a lot of aches and pains when you’re with a child. Sleeping on the floor can help to alleviate a lot of them by helping you to find the right spinal alignment.

While mattresses can conform to your body, parts of you will sink into the cushion, which means that you don’t always get the support you need. Sleeping on the floor could help you to pinpoint the areas of your body that need more support than others.

3. Improved posture: An effect of sleeping on the floor during pregnancy

Your posture might not be the main thing you worry about when expecting a child, but problems with the way that you hold yourself up can lead to other health issues. When you’re pregnant, you have more weight to carry around, which can lead to strain on various muscles.

Thanks to the added alignment assistance that you get when you’re sleeping on the floor, you can straighten your back and improve your posture, therefore decreasing pain.

A lot of people slouch, particularly during pregnancy, and this can cause discomfort over time. When you’re catching some z’s on the floor, you can start to tackle this posture problem.

However, always remember that it’s best to talk to your doctor if you’re very worried about any posture issues. Speak with your GP too if sleep apnea during pregnancy is an issue for you.

4. It is great for energy and rest

Sometimes, sleeping in a bed can be so comfortable that you feel the temptation to stay there forever. However, when you sleeping on the floor during pregnancy, you get the right quality of sleep, without getting stuck to your bed.

Sleeping on the floor can also help you to feel more restful. People who sleep on flat surfaces generally find that they wake up feeling more energetic, and less likely to stay in bed the entire day.

When the time comes to get up, you’ll be ready to jump up and tackle the day – possibly with a little help from your partner. While it can take some time to get used to a nap or entire night’s snooze on the floor, once you commit to it, the results are amazing.

5. There’s less disruption when sleeping on the floor during pregnancy

Finally, when you’re sleeping on the floor while pregnant, you have space completely to yourself. If you have your partner sleeping next to you, they’re not going to wake you up unlike when moving around on a bouncy bed.

Thus, once you fall asleep, you can stay asleep and enjoy all the benefits that deep rest has to bring.

Final words

It’s important to test the concept of sleeping on the ground out for a bit to make sure it works for you. However, if you do find that you enjoy this method of sleeping, it can be perfectly safe. Just remember to consult your doctor first.

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  1. Rafaela Lobato Kerlan

    I slept on the floor while pregnant and lo and behold I slept through the whole night, never felt so refreshed during my pregnancy as I felt after that night’s sleep.

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