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How to resist the urge to have more clothes

Resist the urge for more clothes

Even if you have dozens of clothes in your closet, you still feel the urge to buy more. It’s also easier to find what you need with the availability of online shopping, which even offers many items at a discounted price. The good thing is you can always consider fitted wardrobes. You can customize the design based on your needs. If you believe you’re getting more clothes soon, you will benefit from this furniture. However, if you feel you already have enough clothes in your closet, here are some tips for resisting the urge to buy more.

Uninstall your shopping apps

It’s easy to feel tempted to buy when everything you need is at your fingertips. Once you see the choices, you can’t resist buying. Uninstalling these apps for a while will help in your effort to stop shopping.

If there’s something you desire from a specific store, it’s the only time to head back to it. You may even wait for promotions to ensure you don’t spend much even if you decide to shop.

Avoid more clothes by checking your closet

Perhaps, you still have everything you need in the closet. The problem is you didn’t organize it well.

Once you start arranging your clothes, you will realize you have more than you need. You might even find clothes you haven’t worn for a while. So then, instead of buying more items, you feel like you already have a new one (or two).

Don’t follow the trends

There’s nothing wrong with checking lifestyle magazines and websites to look for fashion trends. If you like what you see, you might want to buy them.

The problem is following the trends can be tempting. Even if you don’t need new clothes, you wish to buy more. Remind yourself that these trends come and go. If you let yourself dive into them, you can’t catch up. It’s better to stick with what makes you feel comfortable while also feeling like you have a style that suits you.

Don’t compare yourself with others

You might feel jealous when you see someone wearing something new. For instance, seeing fascinating celebrities and their fashion choices might make you want to shop.

If you think that way, it’s only a matter of time before you go to a local store or online and make a purchase. Focus instead on what looks good on you, and don’t get jealous of what others have.

Check your budget for a reality check on more clothes

You might notice that you spent a lot on new clothes. It could even be the reason why you always come short when budgeting. It’s enough to make you realize that it’s time to change your shopping habits. Otherwise, your financial woes will continue.

With these tips, you are more likely to feel satisfied with what you have and stop buying more clothes. You probably have more than enough in your closet already.

As long as you have something to wear for each occasion, it’s good enough. If not, it’s reasonable to start shopping. But again, the point isn’t to completely stop shopping. Check what you have before deciding what you need to buy.

16 thoughts on “How to resist the urge to have more clothes”

  1. One could also think of the massive pollution created by fashion, especially fast fashion.
    There is so much synthetic in clothes, that it is not worth recycling most of it. Even when it is, the chemical pollution into water to make it happen is unbelievable!
    If you have a conscience, you will find a new respect for clothing, and how it makes you look not just in terms of “the look”, but in how you look in terms of how you care for the planet.

    ABC also did a worthy article. There are more and more exposes all the time. They are all on the same Youtube page as the one I sent you.

    1. Oh yes, I’ve read a lot about fast fashion. Thanks for the link too. It is eye-opening to see the increase in piles of clothes at Salvation Army like that! So much waste (resources, money, time, etc. etc.)… Arghhhh so many ways we need to care for our beautiful planet better!

    2. Right on!
      It’s up to us! The corporations will only do what we put our $$$$ down for.
      As long as we keep buying harmful crap… erm… clothing… they will keep making it for US!

  2. A really good post as usual Christy! The companies try to bombard us with ads constantly! I do not get notifications on my phone and I make a point of never buying anything that pops up on my computer!
    I find that twice a year when I go through my clothes, it’s a good time to make those decisions. Weed things out that were mistakes I know I’ll never wear or that don’t suit me and donate them. My rule now is that I will not buy something just because I like it, I have to LOVE it! This has helped.

  3. I hate shopping, Christy, and practically have to be dragged to the shops. These are good tips for shopping lovers. I read a joke yesterday that said “Calories are tiny beings that get into your closet at night and sew your clothes tighter.” Your post made me think of it.

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