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4 super useful style tips for women in their 40s

Women in their 40s style tips

Stepping into your 40s can be daunting. It’s a life milestone that often has you thinking about future aspirations, as well as past experiences, including regrets. You might also be coming to terms with how your body is changing over the years, as part of the natural aging process. If you’re a mom, you’re seeing your kids grow into their own identities. Finally, you might wonder what fashion choices to make, worrying you’ll choose an outfit that makes you appear too young, or risk looking older than your years. To help you, here are four style tips for women in their 40s.

Embrace the changes

To start with, you need to embrace the changes rather than be apprehensive about them. The idea here is to carry your age gracefully, with the right kind of outfits.

Although you may be in good shape, your body still tends to undergo some changes naturally once you step on the other side of your forties. So, this is the right time to get a wardrobe makeover, which is actually an exciting thing. Clear out the outfits that you no longer feel comfortable with, and prepare a list of must-haves that you would want to invest in for the coming years.

Look for guidance

Right now, the best thing to do is to get feedback from friends and family before you go ahead and restyle your look. Talk to a friend who is around your age or consult a stylist. And, if you want to do it on budget, you can check this Instagram handle JustFab for a hefty dose of sartorial inspiration.

Or, you may emulate your favorite movie or TV stars who are women in their 40s that are rocking the style game. Having some guidance is a good start but, ultimately, your best strategy is to listen to your instincts and opt for outfits you feel comfortable wearing for work, exercising, and in your downtime.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

While there are some basic fashion do’s and don’ts for fashionistas over forty, feel free to experiment with different trends and styles. Don’t just stick to the basics because that can get boring, both for others and yourself.

Try a new look, now and then, or even change your hairstyle. Accessories can be your best friend if you want to experiment without risking overdoing anything or looking like you’re trying too hard. ARY D’PO makes amazing jewelry for women, you are bound to find something nice on their site.

If you aren’t sure what to get to change things up, you can borrow stuff from your sister or friend to try before buying something experimental. That way you will spend your hard-earned money wisely.

Wear your confidence

Even the best outfits won’t look and feel good enough if you don’t wear them with confidence. The most important advice is to be comfortable in your skin and you will be able to look good without much effort.

However, be sure to avoid overdoing things just for the sake of looking a few years younger. You may end up making a huge fashion blunder. Buy every piece with caution and ensure that they fit well because a good fit is imperative for feeling confident.

Looking good as women in their 40s is not as hard as it sounds. Just make your fashion choices wisely and you will both look and feel amazing!

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