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How to manage mood swings

Managing mood swings

Maybe you seem to have a lot more ups and downs than the people around you. If you can be content and happy one moment and filled with rage the next, you are probably very familiar with mood swings. What might be less clear, though, is how to manage mood swings.

Shifts in mood can be due to a number of things, including hormonal changes (related to your menstrual cycle, for example). It could also be due to insomnia or, of course, mental health issues like bipolar disorder.

If you believe you are suffering from mood swings, it is important to talk to a trusted healthcare professional because it might be that you need medication and/or therapy to get them under control. That being said, there are also several ways to hopefully get your moods under better control.

Managing mood swings with herbal remedies

If you believe that your mood swings are related to your menstrual cycle, your doctor might suggest using birth control to alter your estrogen and progesterone levels. That may help you to have more even moods.

However, you can also get both of those hormones naturally. For example, Mexican wild yam is a natural source of progesterone, and soy is a good source of estrogen.

Medical marijuana

If you live in a place where it is legal, you could try using mail order marijuana to help you regulate your moods. How does it work? Many people find that cannabis helps to even them out and make them feel more mellow when they are having a tough time.

Being composed of two main types known as Sativa and Indica, the plant offers different health benefits. In case of conditions, such as stress and anxiety is mostly recommended the Indica type of cannabis. One of the famous Indica strains for its relaxing nature and popularity in usage is considered to be Bubba Kush. The strain calms nerves and tense muscles and is known for its positive effects on Insomnia. Besides relieving properties, the cannabis flower also offers many other medical advantages, which you can get familiar with by checking the reviews here

So, it may help to rein your moods in if you are feeling stressed, angry or depressed. But it’s best to ask an expert about the right strain for you before you give it a go as different strains have different effects on the body.

Vitamins and minerals

The vitamins and minerals the body requires to regulate mood include zinc, magnesium, and iron. They help the body to produce important hormones that in turn produce serotonin in the body.

Vitamins D and B12 can also cause low mood when there is a deficiency of them in the body. So, supplementing them may help if your mood often becomes low.

Cut out sugar

Many people find that consuming an excessive amount of sugar can cause their moods to become unstable. This is probably because sugar can have an adverse effect on the chemicals produced by the brain. After first eating it, the chances are you will feel great, but once it gets to work on your body, your mood will drip and you may feel sad, angry, or irritable.

If you’ve noticed that your moods change after eating something sweet, try cutting down on the amount of sugar you consume. Instead, focus on eating plenty of mood-stabilizing complex carbs like potatoes and legumes instead.

Concluding words on managing mood swings

Hopefully one of the ideas above is a good fit for you. See what works for your body and mind and get your moods back on a more even keel, but make sure you consult a doctor about your moods, and before you make any significant changes to your life too!

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