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Improving business: How HR can add value to your company

Improving business: Add value to your company

How can a Human Resources team add value to your company? Let’s talk about it today as you look forward to improving business.

About employee satisfaction levels

Employees are a vital resource for business. Companies depend on their employees to thrive and function to accomplish their goals. However, despite being a crucial factor in the success of a business, not all employees are happy in their current job roles.

A recent UK YouGov survey revealed that a staggering 17% of British workers admitted to loving their job. Employees that are happy and satisfied in their role are more productive than their unsatisfied peers. One way to help improve the satisfaction rates of employees is by investing in resources to help improve the company culture within the workplace. A powerful tool to have is HR.

If you are looking for ways to improve your business, here are a few ways investing in HR can add significant value to your company.

To improve business, provide benefits

HR leaders can continue to learn new ways to improve the company further. They can discover ways to help ensure that employees are happy, even those that have to be made redundant. For instance, an HR leader can participate in training sessions provided by organizations like Randstad RiseSmart, to learn more about redeployment and outplacement services.

Offering employees outplacement services is a valuable benefit to provide. It informs your employees that you value them and are invested in their success, whether they continue to grow within the company or elsewhere.

HR adds value to your company by supporting the team

Having an HR representative within the company can play a vital role in the business’s success. They are responsible for the quality of the employees within the company and their outstanding performance. The overall success of your company and its financial accomplishments are linked to your team’s motivation.

It is your team that sells the products and services of your business. The care and attention to customers make them return to the company.

Your employees are the face of the business as they are often the only person your customers will interact with. As such, any new employees must be provided with adequate training in their jobs to fulfill the promises the company aims to deliver.

Your chosen HR leader will provide guidance and support to your leadership team. They will ensure that the leadership team is trained to help and train new employees as they settle into their new roles.

Protect the business from a lawsuit

Understandably, no company wants to be the recipient of a lawsuit. It can be a financially costly issue that could potentially back the company – putting them in a position where they might have to tackle further problems.

Having an HR representative within your business can add incredible value to the company. An HR leader can help with legal protection from wrongful termination and discrimination lawsuits made against your business.

To protect your business, your HR representative should be updated on any changes in employment law and educate you and other managers on any new amendments. In addition to this, they will also produce promotional systems and hiring systems. These are to be used to promote equality and fairness in the workplace of your business. For example, the questions managers ask during an interview with a candidate will be tailored specifically to the applied position.

It reduces the risk of a discrimination claim made against the company. The support of an HR leader can prove to be a valuable asset as modern workplaces become increasingly more diverse.

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