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Back pain after pregnancy: 10 tips to get relief

Back pain after pregnancy tips

First, congratulations on your new baby! It’s a wonderful time, but being a new mom can be overwhelming too without all the back pains that come along with it (among other things). You feel the joy and happiness as you hold your bundle of joy coupled with the frustration on how your back only allows you to sit in a certain way. If you’re tired of back pain after pregnancy, this guide is here to help you.

Why does your back hurt?

There are many reasons for your back pain, and each differs with the mother. You might ask yourself why the pain is happening if it is a regular occurrence.

Yes, research indicates that 50% of women experience low back pain during pregnancy or in the postpartum period. The achiness might be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • The delivery process is exhausting, and your body goes through many physical changes during and after pregnancy. That has put a lot of strain on your lower back, hence the severe pain.
  • Suppose you have gained several pounds during pregnancy. The excess weight puts excess pressure on your back muscles, leading to chronic aches.
  • The increased hormones produced by your body during pregnancy could also cause back pain. These hormones are the progesterone and relaxing hormone that help lessen ligaments and the joints of your pelvic bones. That is essentially to ease delivery. These hormones linger for months post-pregnancy and cause post-pregnancy back pain.
  • Adopting the wrong posture during pregnancy could also be another reason for your achy back.
  • Besides, your abdominal muscles weaken during pregnancy, and your lower spine pulls forward to enable your uterus to expand. That also puts a strain on your back.

How to ease postpartum back pains

1. Walk

Walking is a non-strenuous exercise that is good for C-sections and normal delivery. You can start your walking routines immediately after delivery if your doctor approves it.

Begin with short walks before advancing. However, these walks should not be coupled with tasks like grocery shopping. You might be tempted to kill two birds with one stone. Do not! You can also join a yoga beginner’s class for new mothers.

2. Do pelvic exercises

Pelvic exercises, especially pelvic tilts, can be very beneficial or ease back pains. However, consult with your doctor first before beginning.

How to do pelvic tilts:

  • Lie on your back on a yoga mat
  • Keep your feet rested flat on the ground
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles the slightly bending your abdominal muscles for ten seconds
  • Repeat the process five-time times and gradually increase the number

However, if your body isn’t responding well to the exercise, it is best to stop and start a different solution. Be safe.

3. Maintain your body weight

Pregnancy weight is only meant for that. After the delivery, you’ll likely want to get back your normal weight and routines, but be patient with yourself as it’s a journey. It can take several months, depending on the delivery.

4. Sleep with a knee pillow

Back pain can disturb your sleep. However, putting a pillow between your knees will align your hips and lessen the pain.

5. Stop lifting

Not weights. Avoid lifting heavy objects around the house. If you must move it, then push or pull.

6. Hold your baby correctly

Holding a newborn properly can ease your back pain. Holding your baby to one hip can strain your back and cause back pain. You could use a Harmas hip seat with adjustable straps to hold your baby.

7. Use warm water baths

Cold baths can strain your muscles and increase back pain, while warm water does the opposite.

8. Wear flat shoes

A few months before and after delivery, avoid high heels. The strain isn’t worth it.

9. Find time to rest

No matter how pro-active you want to be, ensure that you give your body enough time to rest. Get someone to take care of you after your delivery, and when your baby is napping, do so as well. If your financial planning is on track, you could hire a nanny.

10. Practice deep breathing

That is to absorb energy, create positivity and warmth. Take a deep breath and tighten your abdominal muscles at least three times.

When will the back pain after pregnancy end?

The pain after pregnancy often subsides after six months from delivery. That is after the levels of hormones from your pregnancy are back to normal. Your body is also healed from delivery.

In conclusion, new moms must shun away from heavy jobs after pregnancy. That might be another significant reason for prolonged postpartum back pain. The pain will continue for over a year, and the damage may reoccur years later.

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