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A beginners guide to home bar essentials

Home bar essentials

There are many reasons to want a home bar, from enjoying great cocktails in your pajamas to creating a space to store your favorite liquors. No matter the reason, designing your bar is relatively simple. Start by deciding on the design, get some literary support and, finally, stock it properly. These are the home bar essentials.

Decide your bar design

Choosing your design is the first step in setting up your home bar. A well-designed bar has space for your alcohol, a preparation area and meets your style needs. You want to have room for your staple liquors and the necessary mixers and garnishes.

Next, you need a staging area for your concoctions. The bar space should simplify the process by giving you easy access to the liquors and room to build your drinks.

Finally, your bar should match the room’s design. A well-designed bar will elevate the decor while adding to the overall look of the home interior.

Pick your literary support

Even if you are a trained bartender, it never hurts to have some literary support to add to your home bar. Books like The Bar Book by Jeffrey Morgenthaler or Tequila Mockingbird by Tim Federle will help guide and inspire your cocktail journey. These books help you learn essential bartending tricks and unique recipes to try.

As you look to expand your library, consider which books offer you the information you need to start mixing drinks or inspire you to expand your drink knowledge. Guests will also love the option to learn about new cocktails to try when enjoying your new bar.

Purchase your drink necessities

Finally, now that you have your bar designed and some books to guide you, it is time to buy your liquor. If you are just getting started with making cocktails, pick a few recipes you want to try and use that to guide your purchases.

Practicing with a few recipes will help you hone your skills as you learn the fundamentals of mixology. Alternatively, you can buy the basic bar essentials to give you a large variety of different cocktail options to experiment with and make. As you expand your mixing repertoire, you will want space for the varietals necessary to make unique specialty drinks.

Home bar essentials – Enjoy!

Once you designed your bar, picked out some cocktail books and bought your liquid necessities, you are ready to go. All that’s left is to start mixing and relaxing with your new home bar. Cheers!

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