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What your physical appearance says about you

What appearance says about you

Appearance says a lot about a person and is probably why people, especially women spend so much to reinvent their looks. Statistics indicate that women spend an average of $313 monthly to keep their physical appearance on point at all times. It is not a bad idea to invest in your appearance as it is something people consider when forming their impression of you. Below are a few things how you look says about you.


You exude confidence when you know you look good, and others will sense it too. Confidence is an innate quality that comes to the fore when certain elements are fulfilled.

For example, when you make an effort to maintain good dentition, “perfect” looking skin, quality or clean clothes, etc., you are more likely to be approached by others and seem more confident in yourself. Indeed, your confidence is spurred on by these external elements. However, people who see you see these positives and interpret them as self-assurance and poise.

Having confidence does so much for your mental and emotional health, and so does having others recognize it. It promotes self-assuredness, which leads you to put in even more effort to keep up the good work.

It also helps you deal with self-doubt. Unfortunately, some people feel they need something drastic to alter their appearance to achieve confidence.

Indication of good health

For centuries, people have associated physical appearance with health. Therefore, when your eyes look bright, your skin appears clear, and your hair looks bright and full, it can indicate good health.

Anything away from what seems normal is misconstrued as possible ill-health. These factors are some reasons many people go to extra lengths to alter their appearance to assume what seems like excellent health.

For instance, someone looking to change the dull appearance of their hair may choose to color or bleach it to infuse some spunk into their looks. If changing your mane is your option, it is vital to use the best products to help you care for bleached hair at home. Sometimes, a bad hair coloring job can take a toll on your strands, making you look sickly and quite unkempt.

Great personality

People form opinions based on what they see and sense. After which, these opinions become the foundation that influences how they will respond to you.

Personality is a combination of several personal qualities that define an individual’s character. The secret is, not many people realize that a good physical appearance can positively impact their unique personality.

When you’re well-dressed and wearing a bright smile, people see you as friendly. They also get a sense of the easy-to-approach persona that your outlook projected.

On the other hand, people may think twice about approaching you when you’re shabbily dressed. Admittedly, this can be quite a debatable topic, but the fundamental element here is that a great appearance can give a fair idea about your attitude and behavior.


According to research, there is a correlation between physical appearance and intelligence. Science also credences this research by stating that they both give hints about a person’s mental stability and level of attractiveness.

In some other reports, more support is given to the quality of a person’s genes, which also influences physical appearance and intelligence. Indeed, intelligence is subjective and relative.

However, in this case, people agree that even without knowing a person, the way they look can give subtle hints about their intelligence level. Once again, scientific research on human behaviors and cognitive processes states that people have an innate drive to gravitate towards individuals they see as intelligent. So, if you want the same thing said about you, it wouldn’t hurt to start focusing on improving your physical appearance.

Emotional stability

If you’ve ever wondered how appearance and emotional stability influence the other, this is why. First of all, emotional stability has everything to do with your ability to keep your feelings and sentiments in a perfect balance. The question now is, how do people see or get a sense of your emotional stability?

For example, when a person is depressed, they tend to neglect their physical appearance. So they are likely to look unkempt.

Aside from the obvious signs, some psychologists say your aura also counts. It is easier to explain and comprehend when people acknowledge that human beings can perceive things physically and spiritually (sixth sense). Once you see it that way, it is easier to catch on to a person’s emotional stability just from their physical appearance.

Now you know that your appearance says more about you than you probably imagined. The next time you step out of your home, keep these in mind. However, it is worthy to note that you cannot please everyone, so you should be comfortable in your skin first.

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