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5 ways to simplify your life (and why it’s needed)

Simplify your life

The world has been hectic for far too long. Getting back to the basics is something that we’ve been forced to do with the pandemic, but maybe that’s a silver lining. A simpler way of being is important, and here are five ways to simplify your life.

Benefits of simplifying your life

Having a lot of stuff around you can be stressful. A cluttered environment can have negative effects on mental health, while tidier surroundings can improve mood. Feeling calmer and happier overall at home is an amazing reason to start decluttering now!

The reality is that you probably don’t need three spatulas, papers from a decade ago, and toys that the kids have outgrown. So, these are some of the items you can part with, in addition to organizing what you still want to keep.

A simpler life also involves tackling the mental clutter so you can focus better. It can also refer to eating simpler for better health. There are many ways to pare down your life to make room for what really matters. Below are five examples.

1. Organize the house

A disorganized, cluttered space is only going to add to your stress at home. It makes it very hard to find things and slows down your day as you sort through piles to locate that must-have item.

Not only that but having too much stuff can zap your energy. Looking around at mounds of clothing that you need to find time to sort through when you’re already having a busy day is not pleasant. On the other hand, when you have less stuff, you likely will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders.

Perhaps you find better ways to organize items with clothing and accessory racks from and use other handy storage solutions. Tidying up what you want to keep makes for a more serene environment than a cluttered one.

2. Unplug from the noise

If you’re checking your smartphone every 15 minutes, you’re not alone. But that can reduce your focus on work and take away your attention from those people who are sitting in front of you.

Taking a break from email and social media is important for clearing the mind. It can help you reconnect with other people and with yourself. Perhaps you will take the time you’d normally spend on Facebook to go for a walk instead. Being out in nature can do wonders for your body and mind!

3. Eat simpler too

Choosing simple meals can save you time and encourage healthier eating too. Aim to learn a few meals that have minimal preparation and taste great. With less time in the kitchen, you’ll have more time with family and friends or for self-care.

Focus on meals and snacks that are healthy too, so that you nourish your body. You might reach more often for vegetables, fruits, and other whole foods.

For some people, a simpler approach involves focusing on raw food. Incorporating raw, unpasteurized cold-pressed juice from into a healthy lifestyle is an example. A juice cleanse can be like a mental health break for your body.

4. Use non-toxic makeup

While you’re cleaning up the house and your approach to food, why not do the same thing with your makeup? The toxic ingredients in makeup are shocking.

Thankfully, there are green beauty products, and a growing number of them are affordable. Choosing items that are safe for human health makes sense.

From disruptions in hormones to itchy skin, the chemicals in some cosmetic products can put you in harm’s way. Among the unsafe ingredients in some makeup are parabens, formaldehyde, and diethanolamine.

Doing your research to find out what the products in your makeup bag contain is a good start. From there, swap out questionable ones for those that are non-toxic.

5. Simplify your life: Be kinder to yourself

Negative self-talk is exhausting. Focusing on the past or feeling “woe is me” can take a lot out of you mentally.

So, just as you clean out the clutter at home, also declutter your mind. If you did something that you’re not proud of, beating yourself down about it isn’t going to help.

Instead, forgive yourself, just as you would do with a good friend. Tell yourself that you will do better next time and aim to stick to that promise.

Focus on the traits that you like about yourself too rather than what you dislike. Being kinder to yourself can build confidence and instantly improve your mood.

Part of showing yourself kindness is also taking time for self-care. That involves getting enough sleep, eating right, and regularly exercising. More about kindness in this interview with Adrienne Bankert, co-host of Morning in America.

What are some other ways to simplify your life?

4 thoughts on “5 ways to simplify your life (and why it’s needed)”

  1. Very useful tips on how to simplify your life The first point resonated with me the most. I am someone who cannot stand clutter and things lying around makes me stressed. A couple of times a week I make time to clear the clutter and a clean of my place, such as sweeping the floor to get rid of dust. Also agree that being kind to yourself can do wonders to you. Being positive about yourself and encouraging yourself can certainly improve your morale and confidence in the long run. Hope you’re doing well, Christy :)

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