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How to prevent road rash injuries on a motorcycle

Road rash injuries

Anyone who knows their way around a motorcycle is aware that taking your bike out for a long drive is incredibly appealing during the fall season. However, when you are a motorcycle owner, you have to be cognizant of the fact that injuries and accidents occur often. Understanding how to prevent road rash injuries and other painful repercussions of accidents is a must.

Protect more than just the head

While many people wear a helmet when on a motorcycle, they tend to ignore their other body parts. That means the head is protected, but the limbs take most of the damage.

So, once you hit the ground, your hands, legs, and other exposed areas become badly scratched, and the skin strips off. The result is a bad case of road rash.

When something like that happens, you become grateful that you managed to protect your head with the help of your helmet. But, you feel unsure of what to do next.

The first step you should take is treating your road rash. Secondly, contact a lawyer, such as Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, who specializes in this area. They understand how to deal with the aftermath.

Motorcycle gear to safeguard against road rash injuries

In 2019, based on miles alone, motorcyclists were four times more likely to be injured than those in a motor vehicle, according to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). To help prevent injuries, ensure you have the proper license, as that you have passed the test based on knowledge and experience. Also, look over your motorbike before every ride to ensure the fluid levels, headlights, and other parts of the bike are ready to go.

It is strongly suggested that such injuries, including the most common, road rash, could be prevented through practicing basic safety measures. Fundamental safety precautions include using the proper safety equipment and gear.

Make a note of the following gear:

Full-face helmet

A helmet is an essential item but, an open-face one is pretty much useless. After all, a helmet is supposed to prevent painful facial abrasions. An open-face helmet will only decrease the odds of a head, brain, or neck injury.

On the other hand, a full-face helmet is designed to protect your face and below. Sometimes, road rash injuries can be as severe as broken bones. Deep abrasions can cause mutilation, nerve damage, as well as infection that necessitates skin grafting or other treatment through surgery.

Safety goggles

It is vital to protect your eyes. Therefore, always wear safety goggles to help prevent traumatic injuries to your eyes. Furthermore, they help prevent debris and dust from getting in your eyes, which could temporarily blind you while driving.

Road rash injuries and protective gloves

Your hands often face the most significant impact of road rash. You need gloves to protect the delicately sensitive palms of your hands. Gloves will help protect your hands from being scraped, cut, and even mangled.

Proper pants and jacket

This one seems obvious, but it isn’t for some motorcycle riders I’ve seen. They’ve worn shorts and t-shirts, which obviously leaves your skin bare and is highly dangerous if an accident occurs.

Choosing an article of durable and resistant clothing for your legs is crucial for protection. Do the same for your torso too.

Proper biker pants can actually provide enough safety for your legs to prevent broken bones. Choose materials like leather or ballistic nylon to prevent skids from flaying your skin.

Durable boots

Choose the best shoes for your rides. A good pair of boots can provide more traction when you are on your bike, and if you suddenly place your foot down, they will decrease the severity of the abrasions.

Final words on road rash injuries for bikers

If you have become another unfortunate victim of road rash, make sure to remember your rights. Contact an expert accident lawyer right away, so you are compensated fairly for the ordeal.

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