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Working out after a baby is easier with these 3 things

Working out after baby

Are you wanting to drop the baby weight? It can take anywhere from five weeks to a year to lose any extra weight you put on while pregnant. Before you start working out after a baby, though, check with your doctor that you are physically ready. If you start too early, you could risk injuring yourself.

When you do start to get into exercise again, be sure to go slow at first and give your body plenty of time to get used to the increase in movement. Apart from eating healthy and staying active, here are three products to invest in when you start exercising as a new mom.

Exercise ball

A stability ball is quite popular among young fitness gurus. Many people are even going so far as to replace their work chairs with exercise balls.

This product is ideal for the postpartum period because it works to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Just trying to stay on the ball will build up the muscles in your abs and back.

You don’t need to move vigorously; work on your flexibility, balance, and coordination. Once you purchase your new ball, try various pelvic tilts and exercises that use circular movements. You can use the exercise ball to lose weight on your thighs because it takes a lot of energy to not fall off it.

Working out after baby with any cardio machine

The key to losing the baby fat is cardio, cardio, and more cardio. Gaining muscle strength is also important, but that is more to help you burn calories as you rest. Cardio is what helps to remove stubborn belly and thigh fat common among most new moms.

Just be sure that when you get on the machine you have the right clothing. You want comfortable sports clothing and shoes to protect your feet.

For some ideas on comfortable sports clothing, check out The Gym King. They provide everything from tracksuit sets and sports bras to headwear and gym bags. Look and feel good while getting back in shape, and choose from a range of colors.

Yoga brick

Much thicker than a plain yoga mat, these bricks are sturdier and sit higher up off the ground. The aim is to be able to move into yoga poses deeper.

The great thing about yoga is that it strengthens your core muscles, which is good for most people. Yoga bricks can be squeezed between your legs, and they are very effective for back pain, which is common for women post-pregnancy.

People like to think that yoga is an exercise for lazy people. What?! The reality is that yoga exercises take an immense amount of focus and muscle to maintain all the various poses. You can work up a pretty decent sweat with just half an hour a day of yoga.

A few last words on working out after having a baby

The best way to get back into shape is to get up and make it happen. The three items mentioned above can help motivate you and keep you on track to lose the extra baby weight you have been carrying around.

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