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New mom? These are diaper bag tote essentials

Diaper bag tote essentials

If you’re not sure what to include in a diaper bag tote, you’re not alone. As new moms struggle with self-doubt and figuring out how to fit in sleep, another thing to add to the list is what to pack when on the go. To make sure you have everything needed for a future outing, here is a list of what to pack in the bag.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Kids Land with the goal to help new moms.

Get the right diaper bag tote

Well of course it all starts with picking the right bag! It will be where you store everything so it has to be durable, not to mention that having an attractive appearance makes it more likely to be one that you’ll actually want to use.

The Jujube Be Light – Snow Queen diaper bag from Kids Land has a great silver look with snowflakes across it and is very lightweight. It features two front pockets that are handy for holding water bottles and the zipper enclosure keeps everything safely within it.

Plus, it’s highly durable with a Teflon fabric protector that prevents stains and Agion treatment keeps the liner from growing odor-causing bacteria or mildew over repeated uses. Also great is that it has metal hardware, rather than plastic, to stand the test of time.

When you’re not using the Jujube diaper bag, just pack it down small. It takes up minimal space in the closet, on a shelf, or in a car trunk.

Your diaper bag tote packing checklist


Plan on using about one diaper per hour. So, if you are gone for the afternoon, then take 5 or 6. If in doubt, take an extra!

Changing pad

Choose reusable or one-time use changing pads, depending on your preference as a parent. In a pinch, grab a hand towel to take with you.


As a general rule, take more water wipes than diapers as you might need to use a few, depending on what’s occurred! In addition to using the wipes during diaper changes, they also come in handy for wiping dirty hands and faces.


For those mothers who give their babies pacifiers, be sure to throw a few into the diaper bag tote. There are pros and cons to using pacifiers, so it’s important to know the risks and benefits beforehand.

Hand sanitizer

If there’s no water close by to wash your hands then use the packed bottle of hand sanitizer to disinfect them.

More diaper bag tote essentials:

Sunscreen and hat

The more protection for their sensitive skin, the better! Make sure the hat has a wide brim. For babies under six months, apply a 15 SPF to their face and back of the hands, allowing 30 minutes before heading into the sun.

Baby food

Formula or bottled breast milk? The debate rages on as to which is the best. Whichever one you choose, plan ahead to include it in the diaper bag tote.


Toss in a few age-appropriate toys to entertain them, especially if it’s a long outing or they’re likely to get bored.


You just never know…

Packing up your diaper bag tote

To help you keep everything organized, try putting different items into plastic bags within the bag. Otherwise, you might find yourself going through the bag like it’s a maze and taking twice as long to find anything in it! Plus, put any wet stuff into bags so they don’t leak all over everything else. Now you’ve got the basics!

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