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Traveling by RV: How to get more out of the experience

Traveling by RV

If you can’t wait to travel more after being homebound during the pandemic, the good news is that more places are opening up. Traveling by RV is a fun way to go. For example, you might rent an RV without having all the costs of owning one. From camping to sightseeing, there are many places to go and things to do while on family experience days! To get the most out of your next trip, consider some of these suggestions.

Stay within a budget

While this suggestion isn’t the most exciting one, it is one of the most practical for family vacations. Setting a budget before leaving home helps you make decisions en route as to what to eat, which souveniers to get, and more, based on what they cost. That way, you won’t come back after the trip to financial stress.

Perhaps you will set a daily budget or, instead, come up with a figure of what you want to spend overall. You might make a lot of your food in the RV, rather than eating out, as a way to save money.

Create a plan based on the budget

Makes sense, right?! While taking it one day at a time, going where you want, when you want, sounds amazing, booking campsites in advance provides you with the security of knowing you will have somewhere to stay. That might mean booking several months in advance.

In other words, making reservations is a good idea. Try to do so before you leave home. Also, read through the cancellation policies, just in case anything comes up between now and then.

Where to go when traveling by RV?

There are so many places to go! Some are well known, like Yellowstone National Park, and others are hidden gems. A great benefit of being in an RV is that your family can access places that would not otherwise be available for an overnight stay.

You might camp near a popular park. Or, take a road trip to a festival and sleep comfortably in the warmth and comfort of your vehicle at night. Depending on which one you rented, you might have multiple beds, a toilet, shower, and kitchen.

Keep in mind that going from one campground to another can quickly add up, price-wise. So, take the time to search out free spots to camp too.

Another great idea is to take a wine tour or create your own by visiting the best wineries oregon coast. Of course, be responsible when consuming alcohol and don’t drink and drive.

Some other places to explore by RV are Jasper National Park in Alberta, Sedona in Arizona, and Route 66. Yes, you knew that the Route 66 suggestion was coming! This highway goes from Chicago to Santa Monica and it is famous in movies, TV shows, and songs. Some of the main attractions are the Route 66 Museum, Santa Monica Pier, and Cadillac Ranch.

Plan for the worst

While you are likely thinking about all the fun you’ll have on the open road, planning for emergencies is important too. That’s true no matter the vehicle chosen.

For example, breaking down could happen. So, many travelers pack a basic toolkit in the RV. That includes an adjustable wrench, screwdrivers, telescoping ladder, cordless drill, hammer, flashlight, and duct tape.

You might also start to notice an odor coming from the bathroom’s holding tank. Something that doesn’t get talked about a lot but is part of the experience is pumping toilet waste and shower waste into the sewer. Tackling unpleasant smells is easier with so plan to keep it in the bathroom.

What about your route?

The last thing you want to happen is to be on a route with low bridges overhead or tunnels that cannot accommodate the height of your camper. Thinking about low clearances is part of route planning, and it’s not something that most car travelers would think about.

Also, research whether there are steep grades to navigate or potentially dangerous road issues to watch for along the way. Planning where to gas up is another consideration.

Traveling by RV: Get insurance

If you rent the vehicle, you will need RV rental insurance. This policy will protect you during the trip from theft, accidental damages, and more. Always read the policy in full detail to understand what it includes and excludes.

Some rental companies include insurance with the rentals, while others do not. If you are unsure, ask the business what coverage is included or offered separately.

Have you ever traveled by RV or would you like to? Do you have any other tips to share about roadtrips?

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  1. Some of our neighbors rented a large RV with some friends of theirs and they took a vacation trip together. They had a lot of fun. It is a safer way to travel with the pandemic still active in many places. Taking out insurance is smart. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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