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What to consider when planning the ultimate family vacation

Summer: Have the ultimate family vacation

The family vacation has been a staple of summers for as far back as… OK, a long time. Traveling somewhere as a family, you might visit relatives or see certain attractions. The pandemic has closed many cities to travelers to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Families are still going to visit their relatives or visit one of the many theme parks that will re-open at some date during the summer. Planning the ultimate family vacation is going to be more difficult now than ever before due to a lack of flights and uncertainties about restrictions in the future.

That’s why you need to make sure you plan every part of the trip so there are as few unknown variables as possible that could impact the trip negatively. Kiawah Island Vacation Rentals can help you book and plan your next vacation with ease. Below are details to consider when planning a family trip that will be a great bonding experience.

Attractions within drivable distances

There are certain areas of the country or world that have attractions within a drivable distance. This will be far more affordable than renting out multiple accommodations along the route.

Of course, you don’t want to spend your entire trip in the car, so driving there only works if the destination is close by. Map out how much you will be driving per day and determine what to expect traffic-wise during certain times of the day. Sitting in traffic for even an hour per day on vacation can drive an entire family crazy.

If, unfortunately, you’re involved in a car accident, it’s important to enlist the help of a top legal professional in the city you are visiting at the time. The same holds true if you’re on bikes while on vacation. Finding a versatile law firm like The Barnes Firm, which are Los Angeles bike accident lawyers, makes sense. The right firm will inform you about your legal rights even if you live on the other side of the country.

Airbnb accommodations for the ultimate family vacation

Traveling to an international location with a low cost of living can mean that you can afford to get luxury accommodations. The kids could love going to the spa in the building where a penthouse is located.

Being able to cook can allow the family to relax together as going out for every meal isn’t always ideal. It gets costly! Plus, the kids might not like foods served in a certain city or country so cooking in your Airbnb is a good option. It also gives you a bit of normalcy while away.

There could be a pool at the Airbnb, and swimming might be the kid’s favorite part of the vacation. Think of them and what other amenities would be good to have when you book the rental home or apartment.

For teenagers, having the city center within walking distance can allow them to explore the main area. For young kids, being next to a park can be enough for them to love the trip. Locations like Central Park in New York City offer an immense number of entertainment options for kids.

Designating certain days to relax

If you have a partner who joins in on the family trip, then take the time to relax as a couple, if possible. It could be breakfast before the kids wake up or having a glass of wine after the little ones go to bed.

Relaxing is a key part of any vacation! So, just as you would schedule activities on the vaca, also set aside time to rest at the hotel or Airbnb, even just for a bit before dinner.

Doing so will help you return to work feeling a sense of rejuvenation after the ultimate family vacation. That’s a lot better than returning more tired than when you departed.

Add a surprise to a specific part of the trip

As a parent, you’ll have fun adding some “extras” to the trip. It’s not hard to book some unexpected elements as kids don’t look at your credit card statements or open mail that is not addressed to them.

You might even say it’s a road trip somewhere and then surprise them with a totally different destination. Or, maybe you’ll stop by to see a specific family member along the way, which your children aren’t anticipating, and that’s a lot of fun! Being able to see a grandparent or favorite aunt can make the trip special, all while social distancing, of course.

Find a hidden gem online for a weekend outing

Long vacations during the summer aren’t happening this year because of COVID-19. But there are likely plenty of hidden gems in your city or a close-by to visit on the weekend. There are trails to explore and rentals of kayaks.

You might find somewhere you didn’t know existed. A friend of mine recently discovered a place to hike not far away from where she lives and took her daughter there. The photos they took were amazing – Oh Mother Nature, we love you!

Who knows, you might find a place that the family will enjoy as an outing for many summers to come. While you might be busy working during the week, the weekends are great for family time.

For the ultimate family vacation

Planning the family trip is a huge responsibility, but it’s well worth the effort when you all get quality time together. Even with a big family, planning makes it better, and it can save headaches later when you have all of the details upfront.

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