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Aging feet: How to take care of them over the years

Aging feet care

You may notice that your feet change over the years, including becoming wider. In addition, how you care for them will also change, especially if you have foot-related issues. Given that they are how you get from point A to B and you might stand a lot for work, taking care of your tootsies is important. Here are tips to help you care for aging feet.

Practice good hygiene

Let’s start with the basics. Washing your feet regularly is important. I also read long ago that drying them completely before putting on socks is important.

Wearing fresh socks each day is also part of good foot hygiene. That can keep bacteria away. It’s also a good idea to switch socks every day if you have Athlete’s Foot or another type of issue.

Another way to care for your aging feet well includes regularly using moisturizer to prevent cracked skin. Inspect your feet too for sores and wounds, caring for them with ointment, bandages, or other means, as appropriate.

Don’t forget to inspect your toenails too. Check out the recent guide on info on toenails and other foot-related tips.

Aging feet: Pay attention to your shoes

Not wearing the same shoes two days in a row is a good idea too. That way, your footwear has time to dry so that fungus does not develop.

Plus, the shoes may start to lose their shape if you wear them every single day. They will not only feel less supportive than when they were new but also not likely look as good.

Make sure you wear shoes that are the proper fit too. Ideally, your toes will not curl at the top of the shoe (too small) and it is not so loose that your feet move within the shoe (too large).

If you are unsure if the shoes fit properly, get your feet measured when you’re shopping at a store. Your feet can sag over the years, just like other parts of the body, so the size of shoe you need now might be different than before.

Care for foot ailments

Certain foot conditions become more common as people get older. One example is plantar fasciitis, which is pain at the heel that results from irritation of the band of tissue that supports the arch.

While it is easy to dismiss aches as being a natural part of aging, there might be a serious reason for the pain that needs attention. Searching for a foot care clinic near me is a great way to start finding personalized services in the community. That can be the first step in getting healthier feet.

Cushioned insoles for busy folks

You might find that orthotics are helpful as you age. Maintaining your busy lifestyle is important, whether you are constantly standing at work or up and down at your desk as an entrepreneur looking to grow an online business with Rex Originals link building services.

Quality insoles may provide support and stability for your feet that improve your quality of life. There is a range of sizes and materials for almost any budget.

Over the years, that fat padding under the foot naturally thins, which can lead to pain, foot flattening, and stress fractures. The extra padding of gel insoles may also relieve foot pain.

Some studies have also shown the positive effect of insoles on balance in seniors, particularly for textured and vibration insoles. Better balance may mean a lower likelihood of falling, which is a real risk in many older adults.

Aging feet? Get an exam

Even if you do not have any noticeable issues with your feet, it’s still a good idea to have the doctor look them over when you go for a yearly exam. The GP may spot something you missed and create a treatment plan to take care of the issue early on.

The reality is that you cannot ignore your feet. They take you places, literally, and you depend on them more than you realize until something feels off.

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  1. That is all good advice, Christy. As we age, wearing properly fitting shoes becomes even more of a priority. For diabetics, foot care is even more vital!

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