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Top tips to take good care of your feet

Take care of your feet

Your feet are undeniably your simplest and safest mode of transportation. They provide you with support and freedom; so, provide them with the gift of health! Here are some tips on how to take care of your feet:

Why is keeping feet healthy important?

Taking care of your feet is about much more than aesthetics. Healthy feet will also help you keep your balance and avoid foot problems such as swelling or soreness.

If you are experiencing pain in your feet, it’s best to contact your GP or a specialist as soon as possible. This professional can help you create a plan to make walking more enjoyable again.

Ways to take care of your feet

There are several things that you can do to avoid problems with your feet. One of the most important things is making sure that your feet are always dry and clean between your toes.

It’s not necessary to soak your feet for too long, in fact, this may lead to dryness. If you do enjoy soaking them from time to time, avoid using Epsom salts, since they can dry them out.

Simply keep your feet clean and apply moisturizer. Inspect them daily and check for any cuts, spots, or other problems. Use a foot file to get rid of skin that feels too hard or dry too.

Your choice of shoes can have an effect on your feet, so choose the right pair that feels comfortable and feels secure. Footwear can affect your walking and balance. Ideally, the shoes offer enough arch support and do not fit too tight. Tight shoes can not only cause foot pain but also lead to other problems or make existing problems worse.

WebMD estimates that on average we take about 5,000 steps each day. Since we spend so much time on our feet we should make sure to take good care of them.

Taking care of toenails

Don’t neglect your toenails. Instead, check them regularly for issues.

Common problems are fungal infections and ingrown nails. If you find that your toenails are thicker than normal, you may need to treat them.

Usually, pharmacies can help find the right treatment for toenail problems. If you are unsure what to do, ask your local pharmacist for advice.

Other common foot problems to look out for are:

Exercise and taking care of your feet

If you suffer from poor circulation in your feet or legs, you may not be exercising enough. Surprised? Just a few minutes of exercise a day can already be very helpful.

As time goes on, increase the time you work out, provided that your doctor approves this plan. Exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are important and keeping your feet healthy is equally important.

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  1. Very helpful post, Christy, as one of the characters in a book I am currently writing takes great care of her feet. Your post offered some great tips not only for my character but for my own feet! <3

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