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5 moving company marketing tips for success

Moving company marketing tips

Creating a plan to continually grow as a company can be a challenge, no matter what is the industry. In the moving sector, there is a lot of competition online, which can make it hard to stand out from the pack. For success, here are the top moving company marketing tips.

1. Include these things on your website

Ensuring your website is as effective as possible at capturing the attention of potential customers is essential. That includes having a clear call to action in key areas like the homepage, about page, and services page. An example of effective wording is, “Call us ASAP to book your move.”

In addition, many movers include customer reviews on their websites. This marketing technique is often effective as it shows that the company has gained the confidence of people in the community and others have had success with you. Along with the written reviews, consider adding photos alongside them that show your satisfied customers in their new place.

2. Networking for moving company marketing tips

Networking is an important marketing strategy in a range of sectors. It involves building relationships with those with who you may have future sales or who can introduce you to potential customers. While you may not see the results right away, networking is a long-term approach to forming connections that grow your moving business. That can result in quality leads.

Realtors, new home builders, and leasing agents in apartment buildings are all great connections to make as they can lead you to those who need your services. Networking can happen online or in-person, depending on your schedule, level of comfort during the pandemic, and other factors. As things open up more following the coronavirus crisis, more networking events may happen in person.

3. Understand search marketing

Learning more about search marketing and effective ways to use it can help your company stand out. While in the past movers relied on handing out flyers door to door, this technique is used less. That is primarily because many people look online first for movers.

Thus, it makes sense to get your moving company’s name in front of them by appearing high on the results pages of leading search engines. There are many ways to do so, including pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and using search engine optimization (SEO) to your benefit. To get ahead of the competition, Calgary SEO services help you by developing a custom strategy to show up in search results.

4. Moving company marketing: Excellent customer service

This marketing trick is one that has long been effective for organizations. It continues to be important!

Focus on providing the best customer experience possible, from scheduling the move to answering customer questions and, most of all, working efficiently on moving day. Devoting your attention to how people feel about your communication and your ability to help them move can help you refine the experience to make it even better.

When you treat customers right, they are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family than if the experience left a sour taste in their mouths. That is the way to keep and strengthen relationships, which can result in repeat sales too. You can become well-known locally in search results online for the best moving companies near me.

5. Reasonable prices

Of course, you knew this point was coming, right? Prices are more important than ever following the difficult financial times for many households brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping your rates competitive matters.

If you do not have an idea of what is reasonable or not, try searching online for your competitors to see what they charge. That can help you determine what is average and where to put your services price-wise.

Please note that this does not mean selling yourself short. If you offer a quality moving service, you ought to charge a quality price. Many people care about their possessions and will pay a bit more to get good movers who are less likely to break or damage their stuff.

So, set a rate that is not outrageous but does reflect the quality your business provides people. It may take you a short while to figure out that sweet spot for your rate. Once you do, be sure to collect testimonials along the way as good reviews can help get you new clients!

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